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1/152. Adenomatoid odontogenic tumor arising in a dental cyst: report of unusual case.

    The case of an adenomatoid odontogenic tumor developing over a dentigerous cyst is reported. A 12-year-old boy was referred by his pediatric dentist to the service of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery of the Asturias Central Hospital (spain) for evaluation of a radiolucent image compatible with a dentigerous cyst. Microscopic examination revealed the presence of an adenomatoid odontogenic tumor located over the linear epithelium of a dentigerous cyst. Based on the literature, the clinico-pathological, diagnostic, radiological and therapeutic characteristics of the case are commented in detail. ( info)

2/152. Marsupialization of a cyst lesion to allow tooth eruption: a case report.

    Marsupialization of a dentigerous cyst allowed eruption of a tooth related to the cyst cavity. ( info)

3/152. Squamous cell carcinoma arising in the epithelial lining of a dentigerous cyst.

    The dentigerous cyst is a common oral lesion arising as a developmental anomaly during amelogenesis. In rare instances, the epithelial lining of these cysts may give rise to squamous cell carcinoma (SCC). Fewer than 50 cases of this rare entity have been reported in the world literature to date. We present an additional case of SCC arising in a dentigerous cyst with a rationale for our treatment approach. In addition, we offer a review of the literature and a review of the clinical, histologic, and radiographic findings associated with this finding. We discuss epidemiologic data and treatment options. ( info)

4/152. dentigerous cyst: report of an unusual case.

    A case of dentigerous cyst in the maxillary sinus of a 16-year-old boy is reported due to its unusual presentation and extensive nature. ( info)

5/152. Lowe syndrome: case report.

    Lowe syndrome is a genetic multi-system disorder affecting the central nervous system, lens and kidney. In this report, constricted palate, multiple eruption cysts and hematomas as the oral findings of a child diagnosed with Lowe syndrome is presented. ( info)

6/152. Adenomatoid odontogenic tumour: a case study with radiographic differential diagnostic considerations.

    Adenomatoid odontogenic tumours (AOT) are benign, hamartomatous odontogenic lesions that not uncommonly mimic a dentigerous cyst radiographically. Such a case as found involving an unerupted left maxillary canine in a 19-year-old Chinese female is described. The differential diagnosis of some common odontogenic cysts and neoplasms occurring in Malaysians, that may present in a dentigerous relationship to an unerupted tooth is discussed. A brief review of the radiographic literature on AOT is also included. ( info)

7/152. Mural odontogenic epithelial proliferations within the wall of a dentigerous cyst: their significance.

    A case of a dentigerous cyst with proliferating odontogenic epithelium in a 5-year-old black boy is presented. A controversy exists in the histologic diagnosis and surgical treatment of this lesion. The accuracy of the pathologic diagnosis is imperative, as it will determine to a great extent the surgical modality of treatment. ( info)

8/152. basal cell nevus syndrome. A case report.

    An 11-year-old boy with multiple dentigerous cysts in the maxilla and mandible is described. Other findings seen in the face, plantar skin, skeletal system and oral cavity indicated the lesions to be due to the basal cell nevus syndrome. This was further confirmed by the presence of similar abnormalities in his father and brother. ( info)

9/152. Case report of a pigmented dentigerous cyst and a review of the literature on pigmented odontogenic cysts.

    This paper reports the first case of a dentigerous cyst containing melanin-pigment and melanocytes in the lining epithelium, and the first case of a odontogenic cyst with macroscopically visible pigmentation in the cyst wall. The patient was a 29-year-old Japanese male with a cystic lesion in the left retromolar area of the mandible. Pathologic examination revealed the lesion to be a dentigerous cyst with or without mild surface keratinization, and numerous granules of melanin-pigment were distributed in the basal cells of the epithelial lining. Furthermore, dendritic melanocytes were scattered in the basal layer. review of the literature revealed that pigmented odontogenic cysts are uncommon, and only 11 cases have been documented; eight were odontogenic keratocyst, one was a gingival cyst, one was a botryoid odontogenic cyst, and one was a lateral periodontal cyst. The possible origin of melanocytes in odontogenic lesions is discussed. ( info)

10/152. Odontogenic carcinoma occurring in a dentigerous cyst: case report and clinical management.

    This case report describes an unusual odontogenic carcinoma, which was detected during routine periodontal examination. The lesion occurred in a dentigerous cyst associated with an impacted third molar in an otherwise asymptomatic 66-year-old male patient. The impacted tooth and lesion were excised based on evidence of radiographic change and clinical findings. An unusual histopathologic presentation is reported. The treatment provided for this tumor and the management of impacted teeth is reviewed. ( info)
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