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1/7. Geographic lip: a variant of geopgraphic tongue.

    The following aspects of the classic geographic tongue are discussed: clinical polymorphism with the appearance of annulus migrans, histological appearacne of the spongiform pustule, frequent association with pustular psoriasis and related diseases, and its relationship to psoriasis buccalis. Two cases of geographic lip are described in which annulus migrans was present. In one case, the geographic lip was associated with a plicated lip, a labial form of plicated tongue. ( info)

2/7. amyloidosis associated with multiple myeloma.

    amyloidosis is a rare, fatal disease caused by deposition of a sulfated mucopolysaccharide in various tissues and organs. Seven to ten per cent of patients with multiple myeloma, a disease of abnormal myeloid cells, have associated amyloidosis. A case of amyloidosis associated with multiple myeloma is described and a differential diagnosis for oral amyloidosis is presented to familiarize the practitioner with this entity. ( info)

3/7. Disseminated South American blastomycosis (paracoccidioidomycosis): report of case.

    The 11th case of South American blastomycosis occurring in the united states has been reported. Therapy with amphotericin b and sulfisoxazole has been discussed. ( info)

4/7. Oral inflammatory response to a sting from a Portuguese man-of-war.

    A careful history was taken in an attempt to document an unusual delayed inflammatory reaction involving the ears and oral cavity. Severe oral and auricular inflammations have been described as apparent reactions to stings on the patient's foot by a Portuguese man-of-war (P physalia). Toxin was injected into the right foot and resulted in a delayed type of severe swellings and inflammation. The soft palate, cheek, periodontal tissues, and lower lip were primarily involved. Oral inflammations coincided with massive, acute, inflammatory lesions behind the ears. Delayed oral and ear inflammations suggest an unusual reaction to the toxin of the sting of P physalia; it was possibly hypersensitive in nature. The described pathology seems unique to medical reports concerning the Portuguese man-of-war. The foot responded rapidly to topical application of ammonia solution. Antibiotic therapy taken orally apparently helped resolve the oral and ear lesions in approximately 11 days. ( info)

5/7. Gastrointestinal manifestations of multiple endocrine neoplasia, type IIB.

    multiple endocrine neoplasia, type IIB (men 2b), is comprised of medullary carcinoma of the thyroid, pheochromocytoma, diffuse ganglioneuromatosis of the gastrointestinal tract, and skeletal abnormalities. Alimentary tract manifestations, especially enlargement of the lips and tongue by proliferative neural tissue, are often the earliest clues to the presence of the syndrome. A patient is presented here who illustrates the chronicity and diversity of symptoms characteristic of men 2b. It is important to recognize the typical oral manifestations of this syndrome so that the thyroid gland can be evaluated before the development of disseminated medullary carcinoma. ( info)

6/7. The dental manifestations of the Morquio syndrome (mucopolysaccharidosis type IV). A diagnostic aid.

    This study describes in detail the enamel defects in a patient in whom the diagnosis of Morquio syndrome (muchopolysaccharidosis IV) has been supported both biochemically and roentgenographically. These defects are an apparently constant feature of the Morquio syndrome, and are therefore important aids to its differential diagnosis. The defects consist of abnormally thin enamel that is rough because of the numerous minute pits on its surface. The thinness of the enamel results in altered shape and discoloration of the teeth and in their being spaced. Apart from these defects, the enamel is histologically normal and is of normal hardness and radiodensity. ( info)

7/7. diagnosis of sarcoidosis from oral manifestation.

    The diagnosis of sarcoidosis may be a matter of complexity. Two cases of sarcoidosis in which oral manifestations were helpful in the diagnosis are presented. Similar cases from the literature are reviewed and discussed, and it seems that sarcoid involvement of clinically normal-appearing oral mucosa occurs with some frequency. ( info)

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