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1/2. Silo-Filler's disease.

    The effects of oxides of nitrogen inhalation are reported in a 21-year-old gardener exposed to silage gas. Initial nausea, cough and fever remitted, but respiratory failure developed 3 weeks later. Roentgenograms and lung function studies revealed pulmonary edema, volume restriction, and severely impaired gas exchange. Needle biopsy showed a nonspecific interstitial pneumonia. With steroid therapy all functional parameters except diffusing capacity returned to normal. Failure to inquire about non-occupational activities led to delayed diagnosis. A brief review of toxic effects of nitrogen oxides is presented. ( info)

2/2. bronchoalveolar lavage findings in a patient with the organic dust toxic syndrome.

    A previously healthy student developed the organic dust toxic syndrome after unloading a grain silo for one day. bronchoalveolar lavage seven days later showed a total cell count six times normal with 70% lymphocytes. This suggests that the previously described acute neutrophil influx into the alveolar spaces in this syndrome is rapidly replaced by a lymphocyte dominated infiltration. ( info)

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