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1/3. Reiter's disease in a female, presenting as erythema nodosum.

    The case history of a female who presented with erythema nodosum is described, and the diagnosis of Reiter's disease is proposed. Reference is made to literature on Reiter's disease in the female and to sacroiliac joint abnormalities which have been observed in this condition. ( info)

2/3. Blue nevus of the uterine cervix.

    This report describes 2 cases of the blue nevus in the uterine cervix. Both were found incidentally in biopsy specimens that had been taken for an examination of a cervical polyp (case 1) or cervical erosion (case 2). The blue nevus in a cervical polyp has been scarcely reported in previous literature. ( info)

3/3. Desquamative inflammatory vaginitis. A case report.

    The differential diagnosis of noninfectious desquamative inflammatory vaginitis includes pemphigus vulgaris, erosive lichen planus and benign mucous membrane pemphigoid. A 32-year-old woman had persistent, noninfectious, erosive vaginitis and linear deposits of IgA in the vaginal epithelial basement membrane zone. The differential diagnosis should be expanded to include mucosal involvement by linear IgA disease, a cutaneous vesiculobullous disorder. ( info)

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