e cigarette glycol and heat damage to lungs


e cigarette glycol and heat damage to lungs

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Hi Everyone- I am a 64 year old man that has smoked for 50Years and in the process of
finding a substitute for he cigs, I purchase a battery powered e- cigarette that needs to be filled with a nicotine/glycol juice. I didn't have a regular cigarete for 3 weeks and was using the e-cig and I noticed that I could feel my lungs being cinged with the heat of the Juice. that night, I woke up with shortness of breath, gasping for air. it has been 4 nights since the initial incident and every night since, the same shortness has happened. Also, when I lye down, I can hear whistleing and cracking sounds from my lungs. I have an appointment with a Dr tomorrow, anyone have a simular experience?

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