vaginal delivery following a shoulder dystocia


vaginal delivery following a shoulder dystocia

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My first child was born at 40 weeks + 10days, weighing 2.98kg = 6pound 5 ounces
I was induced and progressed very quickly. From inserting the pessary to her delivery was only 3 hours! Very strong pushing urges, delivered in semi fowler postion.
The delivery of head to shoulders took seconds and apparently I was put in the mcroberts postion!
She had no complications, thank god. Some babies end with broken clavicles, nerve damage, brain damage or even death. I had a 3rd degree tear with no lasting complications.
So this was a mild case.
The incidence of shoulder dystocia is about 2%, but is about 12% in women with previous shoulder dystocia.

I had no gestational diabetes, the baby wasnt large, I am 5foot 8 inches and had a quick labour! The only risk factors I'm aware of where the induction and labouring in a semi inclined position. Unless my pelvic is small and I'm not aware!

If you were in my position what would you do?
Vaginal or C section?

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