Guillian Barre


Guillian Barre

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My name is Priscilla Augustine i had Guillan Barre in 1995! I ended up in the hospital on July 4th went into a coma for three weeks! When i woke up from my coma i was paralyzed! I regained my strenghth after a month of therapy! But my strenth didnt fully return! Im 56 years now! My joints hurt everyday and my strenth is slowly deminishing! My memory is not as sharp as it use to be after my sickness! I forgot alot of things like recipes, now my memory cant store my memories after so many months it erases the memory! This is the first time since i had my bout with Guillian Barre im talking about it i keep it to myself because i use to think maybe it was me that had it and no one knows about what happen to me in my life! But im glad to find this sight! Its been twenty years ago but it seems like yesterday and i thank God everyday for healing me to where im not in a wheel chair or paralyzed!

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