hand numbness shoulder pain


hand numbness shoulder pain

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I am a semi truck driver who has been off work now for 3 years because my hands keep going numb when I drive. My shoulders ache continually. The nerve conduction test for CTS came back negative in both hands but the ulnar nerve testing came back slow in my right arm and slightly slow in my left arm. After the ulnar nerve testing my middle finger was cramped tight for about 3 days.
Doctors say there is no good reason why my hands go numb now with driving, while using anything that vibrates, so it has been suggested that I "tell" myself this is not happening and it may then go away.
I have also been told that I need to go to the gym and work out with weights to build up my arm strength so I can again regain strength in my hands so I can hang onto things that I drop.
My hands cramp up and they lock and lose strength while doing the most menial task like threading a nut onto a bolt or using a drill. This also occurs when I do a lot of keyboarding on the computer.
I have been told repeatedly that the test are negative for the type of problem I am experiencing therefore the problem does not exist and that I need to tell myself the problem doesn't exist.
I am at a loss as to what to do to fix the problem. I also wonder if I were not a female if they would be telling a guy that this is a mental thing and to get over it.
I do nave a bulging disk between the cervical and start of thoracic disk start.
But the radiologist does not see any nerve impingement with this bulging disk.
Are there any other explanations as to why this is occurring? Uric Acid levels are normal.

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