Topgaftt sail catfish deep finning injury


Topgaftt sail catfish deep finning injury

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can vibro come back after a catfish finning by a topgafttsail catfish?. I was finned 3 weeks ago . The ER doctors were highly suspcious of a vibro infection...because they had dealt with others in the bulow creek area who had experienced it. the barb entered between my thumb and forefinger and punctured and ran through the hand and out through the palm..near my middle finger base palm side .I had to take pliers and yank t hard three times to get it out...bringing a hunk of me out in the process. the fish was about two pounds. I have never had pain like that I had muscle spasms felt faint and even got sick on my stomach...I had to try to use my hand some to paddle back to shore being a half mile away on a kayak took me two hours to get back to car load up and suck up the pain enough to drive myself to hospital ..when I got to ER I had to wait a hour to be seen,....there was a red area formed at the entry wound with streaks upward toward the wrist with the palm turning black which we didnt know if it was from trama or bleeding ...I also have only one working kidney and slightly compromised liver function I was given two different antibiotics in ER clindamycin and something else but I also got two shots of antibiotic there and two different ones to take at home for a week...they xrayed the hand and said they didnt see anything left in it...Im still experiencing pain and cramping in my hand as well as I have a small quarter raised area at the entry that has a hard raised area that is very sensitive and painful to touch...I have a follow up with a hand surgeon in three weeks...but most doctors here have no clue when I try to describe being finned by a Topgafttsail the next day my hand was twice its size ...and it remained very swollen and red for four days ..I had to explain to the doctors about the topgaftt sailcats fins and its toxin. I can find very little info on any long lasting effects of such things..I experienced some blisters about the 4th day but they went away ...I dont know how much good seeing a hand surgeon will do if they dont even know anything about the fish its self...most have never heard of the fish and dont know about its serrated toxin fins...and no one seems to know anything about any last effects of the toxin..
any info on this subject be great

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