amelogenesis imperfecta


amelogenesis imperfecta

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i have this condition its not very nice i have seen over 60 dentists includig consultants and specialists some refusing to treat me!.
im currenlty battling to get my teeth veeneerd again as due to peridoniitits my gums have recedeeded now revealing my condition under my veneers. some dentists are great others are not
bothered and dont care!
it affects my life in alot of ways i will never eat out as im afarid of a veneer popping off this has happend numerous times!
im afraid of tlking to people face to face unless ive known them for a long time and they know about my teeth.
i constantly think about my teeth too.
i have an abcess at the moment too which i guess is caused by the gaping gap between my molar and gum.
my teeth are very sensitive too!
just to let people out there know you are not alone and there should certainly be more awarness and understanding about the condition and its affects mentally and physically.

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