3rd degree heart block

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3rd degree heart block

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I grew up with dizziness, tired, fainty episodes especilly when I was standing in one place and not moving much like in a line at the gro store and etc. They got worse as I grew older and later as older adult, I could not stand up at times withour fainting. I went to a several cardiologis with some lightheadedness. Dr did a Tilt Table test to see if I had the same symptoms and if it triggered the same episodes. It did and he turned me over to a doc who specialized in the heart's electrical conduction system. They tried me on medications but thwey did not work. The first cardiologis said he knew what I had and that I had been having this since childhood or possibly born with it. The doc put in a pacemaker. It really helped. Not I have my 2nd one. the diagnosis the first doc gave me is Neurocadiogenic syncopathy. I was 63 when my first one was put in and 8 years later I had my 2nd. They both worked great. I was fortunate to have born and raised 5 healthy children. I have one grown son who does exhibit some simular symptoms but so far no really big problems. About the time I got my 1st pacemaker I developed 1st degree HT Block, a few years later, the 2nd block and 34 years ago the 3rd block. I was on Verapamil before I hjad my 1st ppacemaker and 1st hrt block. I read online that Verapamil can cause heart block but the doc did not say it did but he took me off that med. since then I have seen various information indicating it did cause heart block. Hope this helps someone. I even went to college and got my RN nursing degree after my children grew up.

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