Mitrovalve prolapse


Mitrovalve prolapse

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I've had mitrovalve prolapse my entire life. I am 38 yes old. I have been to various cardiologists & been on numerous medications. Which the medications make me even more weak, tired, light headed freezing cols constantly & as on. I also when taking these medications have blood pressure so low it has to be retaking over & over just to get a accurate reading if they're able to. I'm unable to do things on my own. Its gotten worse & worse as I'm getting older. It makes it hard to enjoy life constant anxiety..Bedroom bound will not deal with anyone , hypertension, headaches,nausea, dizziness shortness of breath etc. I was told by one of my past cardiologists that My heart valve Ned's to be replaced. That was 15 or so years ago. I'm looking for a method to regulate my heart rate without medications I DNT feel they work for me. I want info on herbals and healthy ways to improve my condition ..I'm sick of being so tired and sntisocial

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