Prognosis for persistant HE


Prognosis for persistant HE

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My husband was diagnosed with non alcohlic cirrhosis 5 years ago. He has had persistent HE for 15 months. His MELD score is low - a 9. He is also an insulin dependent diabetic, and is grossly overweight. He is on both lactulose and Xifaxin for his HE. His HE is getting worse. He is definitely in stage II. He also suffers from chroic stomach bleeding because of GAVE. He has an EGD now every 3 weeks to cauterize his multiple bleeders. I am his only caregiver. I had read that HE and a low MELD score usually mean a low chance of making it to a transplant. His last Child Pugh score was a 10. Given all this, can you give me an educated guess how much longer my husband has without a transplant?

Thank you.

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