dose anyone in they wondsor ontario area


dose anyone in they wondsor ontario area

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hi my name is kristy jeanveau im 26 year old female diagnose with klippel-feil syndrome i been diagnose with it a year ago allready in stage 2 suffering with pain and all my doctor doing is giving me pain killers wich afther a few months dont work anymore i reallyyy want to meet someone or get a hold and talk to on facebook in windsor ontario area that has klippel feil syndrome im really scared suffering with pain and just plain clueless about it and pretty depress at the moment i really want a suport of someone who has klippel feil and knows a lot about it and can direct me with this illness have to live in windsor ontario area or even michican as its right over the bridge pleassee im desperate and very lonely in this illness it would be hightly greatly appreciated u can get a hold of my on facebook my address for facebook is [email protected] can u pleasee add me and send me a message saying klippel feil wen u add me so i know and actuly anyone can add me dont have to be from windsor ontario altho i would like to meet someone in persone that has it

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