ihave it


ihave it

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i have kts cidk know alot about it im 25 and jus now learning soon for me health wise i have been ok but like i said i never knew alot about it other than my left hand was red and bigger than the other and when it go cold it turn purple and it hurt really bad too when it got cold no on my own i see my left breast is bigger and my hand haas darkin but i also work in the sun alot plus in african american so for me that was a lil of a blessing but ill tell u kids where i grew up at dc and in tn never let me forget that there is something wrong with me my build was great i had a nice body but as i got older and i had my child which he doessnt have kts nor any signs of it i got bigger in weight and my build bc a lil man is football player lookin and it is and has been hard gettin it of and i have heard from a guy who knows some about kts this y and being a women wit it but it is coming off but slowly i now dont look lik a football player im a lovely lookin women i jus want to talk to ppl who kno more about this and help kids and parents who r goin thoughts jus let u kno how i deal(ed) wit it and peers mayb we can help one another i also wat yall to kno u r bigger than this and i look this as god jus give me this on my left side bc of my big heart i love my self but there was timess i didnt and im in a happy relationship wit and hansome man that other girl want but me,love and my heart is want got him for me so find u and b that i also played sports to but i have some learnin disablities..


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My name is Casey. I am 33 and have KTS but only knew what is was about 4 yrs ago..I too have a red hand, only it is red from fingertip to shoulder and also on part of my ribs and back. My friends call me hellboy.

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