Prinzmetal Angina


Prinzmetal Angina

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I am a 55 yr old female. I was diagnosed with Prinzmetal Angina about 2 years ago. I have since taken isosorbide mononitrate daily to control my episodes. I still have episodes between 4 and 8 in the morning. I may go a couple of weeks without having an episode, but then will go two or three weeks where I have episodes every morning. This morning I had three between those times. Several months ago my doctor placed a heart monitor on me for 48 hours. There were no changes noted. He cannot stent due to the fact that my left artery spasm is at the entrance to my aorta valve. I am a professional woman and when this happens it basically tires me out for the day. My doctor said basically that, except for the nitrates, I am untreatable. Any advice to offer????

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