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my boyfriend recently passed from lipsarcoma. He had this for 15 years. It had started in the back (which was operable) and then a mass appeared in the lung (again operable 5 years later) then it was in the intestines creating a blockage. It was removed in 2008 before it came back as a "splash in the abdomen which he was told wait until the cat scan (8 weeks later). NEVER EVER WAIT>>>>>>>>>>>>> He did not wait for the back, lung, intestinal blockage but he DID wait for the abdomen and he died within 3 months as that splash grew to golf balls within the 8 week period. He was in the Best Hospital in the World but they made a very bad decision in asking him to wait. Could that "splash" in the abdomen of been removed successfully??? We will never know. please remove all liposarcomas regardless of size. Unless, they are inoperable.
God Bless you all.

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