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I have got poor vision since I was 12 years ,before that my visual acuity was to me good.the first glasses I got was: RT. : SP. -2.5 ....CYL. -0.5 , and LT. : -0.5 .... CYL. -1.0 I used it and tolerated it quite good . with age it increased in both the spherical power and the the cylinderical power as well. Now I am 54 years it reached the power of RT: SP -5.5 ... cyl. -2.o and LT.: SP -2.25 .... CYL. -4.00 .
this my last prescription glasses I used it for now 6 months trying to accomodate the but no way it caused me so much problems while driving or focusing on TV or reading and affect my movement even in normal daily life .making me crazy or something like . my opthalmologist now telling me that I got nuclear sclerosis of mild grade . I don`t know I feel like it is anisometropic complaints not cause of nuclear sclerosis as he said. I don`t know what to do, it embrasses me so much when in meeting or going downstairs and so, even when walking street on foot I am not balanced when focusing with my eyes on objects specially moving ones , I cann`t see well all the time blurr and not accurate . I feel that I will go blind , please help me ,tell me what to do. what is the proper solution
I can see well with each eye separately good but with both eyes not ,and I noticed big difference in size and shape of picture of right and left eye , the left is tall and narrow and the right is wide and short and as a whole smaller than the left one . cann`t be fused into one image ,give me headache and I got fatigued dizzy, confiused all the time,please help?????

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