6 year old with multiple fractures in right foot


6 year old with multiple fractures in right foot

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My 6 year old daughter fractured her growth plate on the fibula Dec 2011 while dancing in our living room. Wore a walking boot for 6 weeks. After the 6 weeks the orthopedic re-x-rayed and said everything was healed. In August of 2012 my daughter was simply walking in the back yard and feel to her knees and said her ankle hurt. Took her back to the ortho (thinking it was just a sprain) for x-rays. Turns out it was broke! The tip of the ankle bone was broke off and floating. Orthopedic put her in an air cast this time for 4 weeks. We went back to his office after 4 weeks and they re-x-rayed. Orthopedic said the fragment of bone reconnected and was healed. He also said that both growth plates healed nicely. I said "WHAT?" She only broke 1 growth plate, he said well u can see right here in the x-ray that the tibia growth plate was fractured and is healed now. I asked him when did this fracture happen and he had NO idea. Now here we are today. My daughter came home from school Monday complaining of her heal hurting. I asked what happened and she stated she was walking the track and her shoe was rubbing on the back of her foot. I thought no big deal I'll put her in her bigger tennis shoes tomorrow so there will be no friction. Tuesday she comes home and says she can not put pressure on her heal, that it hurts too bad. I looked at it and the back of her foot was still red but it was also swollen and so was her ankle. Made an appt. today with her primary care dr. they did more x-rays. Results being she has an accesorary bone with a possible fracture underneath! I want to know what the hell is going on with my daughter and her right foot??? Does anyone have any idea what could be the problem? Could it be that this "extra bone" has been the culprit the whole time? Her primary care dr seems to be concerened...we've made an appt. with a podiatrist for tomorrow. Her dr said if it was anyone else we would just ice it and elevate the foot and re-x-ray in 7 days but because this is her fourth fracture in the same foot in less then 10 month we need to see if something else is going on. Please help me! I am a wreck and am worrying beyond belief!

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