Just out of curiosity.


Just out of curiosity.

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I am trying to figure out what it all means...lymphopenia granulocytes. I am a medical assistant and I have a basic understanding of it (with the breaking down of the medical terms...lympho having to do with the lymphatic system and penia referring to low). My mother had blood work done recently (she is doing chemotherapy for ovarian cancer) and the test came back stating lymphopenia granulocytes and they checked off the abnormal areas.

Like I said, I had a basic idea of what it ment upon reading it, but I was curious of what causes this to happen and wanted a more in depth meaning of those medical terms. She did have anemia after her first chemo because she was not taking any iron pills as directed by the doctor, but she is now and I did read somewhere that malnutrition can be a cause.

Tonight, she is going to eat some hard boiled eggs (she was given chemo in her abdomen for the first time yesterday and is feeling quite nauseous). She probably just needs to eat more proteins and should get on a regular well-balanced diet as time goes on and we start learning how she is reacting to the chemo in her abdomen (so far just nauseous despite taking medication to help with that). I guess, it could be worse. Some get really sick and are throwing up constantly. Than again, today is only her second day since receiving the belly chemo (called intraperitoneal chemotherapy for anyone who is curious). She had both abdomen and chest this time around.

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