chronic ear infection possible mastoiditis??


chronic ear infection possible mastoiditis??

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I have had this ear infection since mid 08 its now the end of 10. For the last few weeks my left ear has been draining blueish green stuff looks like pus but when its not blueish green its a greenish yellow. The bone behind my ear is very tender to the touch and has been for several months now. Iv had 1 er dr tell me it sounds like mastoiditis but did not run tests to confirm nor give me antibiotics thru iv or injection. Im also having sinus probs and every now and then the pain will be so severe i cant hardly open my mouth to eat drink or talk. When the pain is this severe not even hydrocodone helps. Im running fever of about 100 to 101 i get headaches and the last 3 days i just feel ill in general. Does this sound like mastoiditis to you??

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