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CT was obtained and it showed fluid in the mastoids along with some bone thickening suggests chronic changes while there could be a superimposed acute mastoid air cell disease. Then I took one dose of antibiotics. Ear was still shut. Next, I recently was given a steroid and the tube opened up. 3 months there now is fluid in both ears and pain behind the left ear with a fever and mucus in the back of my throat but I can hear.
The ENT said mastoiditis, dysfunctional eustachian tube and serous otitis media.

My questions: Will a steroid treat this? I never had a dysfunctional eustachian tube in the past and now that it has been opened? it seems to be working. Could I have had this and not known it? I had no symptoms before a car accident. Could the pressure from whiplash movement have anything to do with this if I was suffering from seasonal allergies at the time? How long does it take to develop? And how dangerous is this?

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