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In Oct 12 I went to 5 different ENT Docs complaining about ear pain, water in the ears, hearing problems, occipital headache, stiff neck. I also went to ER. The nurse, at work, saw bubbles behind my ear drum and gave me Amox. which didn't work. The hearing center told me that I had conductive hearing loss; water in the middle ear. None of the ENTs thought it was anything to worry about. I was in a lot of pain and visited 2 of the ENTs twice. I asked one of the ENTs for an MRI and she said NO. The 2 ENTs, which I visited twice, told me not to come back anymore.

In Dec I went to ER a 2nd time and they told me to go to my Primary Care physician because I needed an MRI and ER doesn't do MRIs since they take too long. Duh, this what I have been begging for since Oct. I have insurance and can pay cash so don't understand the control freaks. My primary care doc ordered an MRI and it showed MASTOIDITIS. She gave me Amox Clav & told me to come back in 3 mos. The Amox Clav didn't work and the mastoiditis quickly spread. I developed swinging temp, head felt like it was on fire, dizziness, vision changes, hearing loss. My rt ear drum burst. The Primary Care Doc's Nurse Practitioner told me to find another Doc because I'm too complicated for them. The Primary Care Doc cancelled my appt one hour before the appt. Gee I've never had a Doc cancel on me & with such little notice. They just don't want to deal with anything that might be a liability.

I went to Hospital #3 ER in Jan. They said I don't have mastoiditis and did an ear irrigation which pushed water backwards through the ruptured ear drum and hurt like hell for days. Now my dizziness is permanent. I quit all sports and my beloved motorcycle sits unused. Driving is very hard when everything is spinning. I also developed COLD feet, numb tongue/hands, permanent occiptal headache, permanent stiff neck. I no longer live. All I do is go to work and then lie in bed. I quit all clubs & friends. Work is on the chopping block since visiting Docs, going to ER, and being in pain affects work.

Mastoiditis is very serious. I noticed many websites say it used to be a problem in the old days but not anymore. Well, it's still a problem. It didn't just go away. The only thing that changed was that patients now try to suffer through it alone at home since the hospitals/Docs don't want to be bothered with it.

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