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I have Melanoma stage 2 clarks level 2a.
I consider myself lucky to have found it early. Im 38 and have been watching my moles on my back since I was twenty two. I have had many, many doctors tell me not to worry and just fluff me off. I kept watching them. I had six moles I was worried about and I had to choose one to start with. The one I chose to pressure my doctor to remove had melanoma. In the last six months I have had 5 more moles removed( all looked the same) and biopsied. All negative for cancer. :) It was a crap shoot, pure luck and I believe guardian angels were involved because had I not chosen just the right I would still be living with it the melanoma in my body. If you are worried about a mole and your doctor does not take you seriously get a second, third,fourth opinion.

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