Nevus of Ota


Nevus of Ota

Post by lenny_maria_morales » Tue Jan 03, 2012 4:13 pm

Our 5 year old was born with this bluish black ring around the whites of her eyes. She has never complained about it or has had eye problems. As she got older we hoped it would disappear and to be quite honest even her pediatrician never stressed the issue until now. She is over all a healthy girl. Growing on the 90% percentile of children charts and is very bright. Now after reading some of the postings and researching online, I see that it may or may not be an issue. I am going to take her to get evaluated. I hope all works out for the better and that this would be just something that she could manage. From the photos and characteristics claimed in various sites, it seems that what she has is the Nevus of Ota. But the difference is that she has it only in the inside of her eye. She has a small area of the side of her head that seems a little bluish but at the same time she is very very white pale skin and so it just looks like regular veins. She doesn't have a prominent dark patch or birthmark anywhere on the face. I will post the finds of the eye doctor. Good Luck to everyone in their search!

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