Arnold Chiairi


Arnold Chiairi

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I am an engineer working for an Irish company in Tanzania and am at a whit’s end and maybe, maybe you can point me in a direction to get advice
I had decompression operation for a Chiari Malformation which was causing a syringomyelia in 2008. To date all MRI’s shows improvement and no significant enlargement of the syringomyelia.
Since August 2010 I started get these stabbing intense pains in the muscles of my lower left back area in a specific spot above my hip and the upper front muscle in my left leg only. It starts with a throbbing pain in the back and base of my scull that feels like pressure builds up and neck muscles tighten. As this intensifies (throbbing pressure pain in the back of my head), the pain in my lower back and upper leg intensifies. At one point was crippling intense and even manifested itself in my upper back between my shoulder blades. After a while I would get dizzy and slight blurriness would ensure affecting my vision. This would last from 5 to 15 minutes and go away with slight blurriness staying on for a short while. This would usually either happen after 2 in the morning while I am asleep or later in the working day, towards 15:00
My neurosurgeon reckoned it was a slipped disc and I got a lumbar injection last week. This week all is fine but today I got the same symptoms, only much lighter and manageable but what gets me is the blurry vision that stops me from working. Have anyone heard of these symptoms, if yes, any ideas.

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