Deep Love, a coma or was just left to die?


Deep Love, a coma or was just left to die?

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My Dad suffered 2 subdural hematomas in which after his surgery he was barely himself. He continued getting worse until his organs and lungs etc were not functioning for his bodily needs. His responsiveness was getting less and less over the 3 days following. They had to put him on a ventilator and feeding tube/bags etc and he just got worse to where the Drs gave my mom no hope. They removed all what was keeping him alive . They said he was in a coma and it took him 5 long days to expire. Was it really a coma??

What I dont understand is during this time with extreme moments of deep expression and love from my mom or myself. Once my mom leaned down toward his face and asked him if he wanted a kiss and as she leaned further in ...HE ACTUALLY stretched his lips out as far as he could with all neck straining to get there and they kissed their last kiss. Throughout those days also he responded by squeezing my hand or moving his thumb back and forth as I was holding his hand. The 5th long night that happened again and I had my mom take his hand. He began to do the same but in a much more loving passionate way/carressing her hand as a husband would.

ALL I kept thinking was maybe the drs were wrong and there could somehow be something they could do for him to recover. They kept telling me it was just the touching of him would make involuntary movement of his hands etc and there still was no hope and I was just trying to make it something it was not. BUT They couldn't tell me a man who stretches his lips out when asked if he wants a kiss from his life long love is comatose and cant hear or see or understand anything !!!

This all still just haunts me and the guilt I carry, thinking maybe I should have done more , keeps my heart hurting. If anyone reads this I would appreciate any thoughts or diagnosis/ theories and such .

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