Silent aspiration pneumonia


Silent aspiration pneumonia

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My husband was diagnosed with SA after 2 bouts of breathing difficulties, weakness and pneumonia in his right lung, subsequently the drs have taken 1.5 liters of fluid from his lung both times. After the second bout and treatment he was given a PEG tube and began tube feedings and sent rehab. Shortly after being at the rehab facility he was told he no longer needed the PEG tube and was allowed to go back to a regular diet. After being home a week, he developed pneumonia again, got very weak and was given the option of using the PEG tube again or go home with hospice. He went back on the tube feedings but lately has begun "cheating", I find food wrappers and missing food from the cupboard. He has again developed a horrible cough and it's evident he's trying to cough something up from down deep. Three times a day I pulverize up to 20 medications and mix them with water so they can be inserted in his feeding tube. I know he's in a horrible position, I would hate like crazy not to be able to eat but he has diabetes, congestive heart failure, and dialysis 3 times a week for end stage kidney disease. He is 74 and obviously has many strikes against him but he refuses to listen to me about eating and does very little to improve his health. If he continues to "cheat", what is the likelihood he will relapse into pneumonia again? If so, this will be at least the 5th time in the past year. Does it get harder to treat? Is there a point where it will no longer be treatable?

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