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I went to Africa and caught what seemed like a cold but never really got better.. that was over two months ago.
I seem to keep catching every new cold going around as well. I have had some low grade fevers but lately it has gone to 101 almost daily.
I went to the Drs and she sent me for an xray for a bronchitis and mycoplasma check. I have been on Biaxin for four days and continue to have 101 fevers. The xray tech came out after my xray to check to see if I was on an antibiotic which makes me think something showed up. I haven't heard from my Dr yet on the results but thinking I should maybe call in the next day or so. I also run a community toddler programme once a week and wondering if it's mycoplasma if I should stop for a few weeks.
Also ... I am allergic to mold and our firewood has been pretty moldy all winter. Could that be a problem??

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