Polymyositis Yes You Can Be Cured!


Polymyositis Yes You Can Be Cured!

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If you read on any website or in medical books that there is “no cure” for polymyositis, just don’t believe it, as a full and lasting recovery is possible.

I was diagnosed with polymyositis in 1981, at age 26, further to muscle weakness and pain, blood tests, a biopsy and an EMG. Among other things, I had great difficulty to elevate my arms and walk at that time. I was treated with prednisone 80 mg daily for about a month as the CPK was at 22,660, LDH at 2,340, SGPT/ALAT at 480 and SGOT/ASAT at 440. The dose was reduced gradually over approximately seven years through intensive monitoring. Since that time, the enzymes have returned to normal and I have never had any muscle weakness or pain, neither any relapse. I am healthy and I have been leading a normal life for the past twenty-two years. And I am telling you, MIND OVER MATTER really works!!! It did work for me... and it can work for you!

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