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I need information on new treatment for DSAP

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Do not get photodynamic therapy. I was told by Dr. Mitchell Goldman of La Jolla MD spa that this treatment would help my condition. He told me there were no risks even when asked directly and, in fact, that photodynamic was the only thing that could help my condition. The treatment actually spread the DSAP many fold. I am also in constant pain from nerve damage I believe was causes by the treatment. I have since been on grand rounds at the dermatology clinics at UCLA and University of Washington and they have concluded that this is not a proper treatment for DSAP. Also, I later found out that Dr. Goldman is a shareholder and paid consultant for DUSA, the pharmaceutical company who developed this treatment. And in fact, the FDA has already issued warnings to DUSA for making false claims. After learning all of this I went back to Dr. Goldman, and he still claims he did the right treatment and "would do it again in a heartbeat". Scary! I would hate to see anyone go through what I have and the endless continued pain and suffering I have endured.

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