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I had my appendix out last september,when taking it out the surgeons found
that it had perforated and a mucinous cystadenoma was found on it...The appendix
was sent off and results said the tumour came back as I have to go
back for C.T scan although im not sure why?can this lead to cancer?ive
researched internet but keep getting confused!!!!please anyone who knows
anything,will be sooooo much appreciated.. Sorry just 1 more thing my appendix was sent to a different hospital to be
examined and they said it had 1 tumour but they hadnt said if it had burst or
not also they had to take appendix out in several pieces as it had come away
from original location and got stuck to the wall of me stomach is it still
dangerous if the tumour hadnt burst?
Im sorry if im going on but it was only last month when I was doing a little
research that I realised anything could even be wrong(my doctor at hospital
seemed just as confused)I assumed because it was benign that everything was

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Many pathologists will say that the originating tumour that leads to pseudomyxoma peritonei is benign - they just mean that it doesn't behave the way most other tumours do. If it has breached you r appendix and there are mucin and tumour cells in your abdomen, it needs to be treated and it needs to be treated by a specialist.

There's more about this on the Pseudomyxoma Survivor website -
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