PSD put me in a wheel chair


PSD put me in a wheel chair

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I'm so scared I feel like no one else is out there. I had my son naturally he was born on his due date. His weight was 10 pounds 8 ounces. I did not have diabetes. During my pregnancy my hips hurt the intire time I was forced to leave my job because it hurt to walk. My doctor passed it off as normal pregnancy pain. During my delivery I had a pain med but nothing more they gave me a bar thing over the bed to push him out. While pushing I heard and felt a pop i stopped pushing to ask if anyone else heard that and told me I was fine and to keep going. I kept going and one hour and a half of heavy pushing my son Jace was born a wonderful boy. I torn terribly I needed three blood transfusions and I was in so much pain I was hitting the nurses they put me under to sew me back together etc. The next day the had me walk...... I was unable to move my feet I could not even pick them up it hurt so bad. The physical thearpist said I was able to that it was just surgery pain. They came back this time my mom came to visit my mom saw the sweat the crys and the real pain I was in and made the doctors give me an xray they didn't want to they thought truly I was just in pain from the surgey. The xray tecs said they never seen anything like this...... My doctor saw the x ray came in and said this was natural..... I was 11 cm seperated. I was unable to get out of bed other doctors came to look at me one doctor tied a bed sheet around me and held it together with surgucal clamps. I was scared..... The nurses always caused me pain turning me on my side and shoving at me with pain drugs. I wanted to beast feed but was so scared to hold my son because of the surgucal clamps and fear of the pain that would fallow. They gave me back belts to hold me together and one snapped open the other one had hard plastic I was forced to sit on all night. All I wanted to do was to go home... I live in a apartment on the second floor I was forced to live with my mom it was that or a nursing home... They sent me home with a cathiter and no bm and that bedsheet. My family was seperated my boyfriend had to maintain the apartment and I went to my moms with Jace. that was the hardest day of my life now I'm seeing this doctor who is doing a study with this and I am 5 cm closed and still in a wheel chair it hurts to lay iot hurts to sit it hurts all the time I'm in so much pain unable to care for my son the way I want and still havent been able to go home please please take my advice get a 30 week ultra sound and go to a obgyn doctor also is there anyone else out there

Re: PSD put me in a wheel chair

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Hi This comment was posted almost one year ago. I would like to know how you are doing. I went thru the same thing and i feel your pain. I know how hard it is to deal with this condition. I was in bed for three weeks I couldnt walk and i couldnt do anything. I lost my urine and fecal control. My separation was only 5 cm. not as bad as yous. I went home with a a walker and catheter and still 2 moths later i cant walk perfect i have to limp. and l am experiencing lower back pain and i hear my bones crack all the time. please update me on how you are doing. God bless and you are not alone!! I am here with you with the same pains and complications.

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