Keratoconus or High estigmatism


Keratoconus or High estigmatism

Post by atifagha » Sat Aug 27, 2011 12:42 am

i had been told that warming your eyes with hands can correct your vision, i never had any eye problem but just simple nearsightedness of number -1.00
I used the technique to correct my vision but suddenly i found astigmatism after using this technique, i observed that estigmatism was much in left eye but right eye was ok. I went to doctor, he said its normal, dont worry etc and wear glasses. After that i had to use the glasses with a cylinderical number and i felt after each 6 months the estigmatism was increased, two years passed with a slight estigmatism increase each 6 months, one night i did a lot of work as i am a computer programmer, in the morning i felt i had a lot of estigmatism and could not see anything very clearly, when i went to doctor he said why did not you check it up before, etc. Then i had offscan of my both eyes and he said your cornea thickness is 476 of left eye and -3 cylinderical, you might have keratoconus, lets wait for next 6 months, you are not the candidate of LASIK surgery, i went to other doctor, he said i am doubt that you have this or not, lets wait for next 6 months, i have high estigmatism in left eye and also feel some amount of it in my right eye. Please let me know what should i do, i am very much tensed.I feel trouble in watching tv or using computer, i also feel headache.

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