salivary gland stones


salivary gland stones

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I have had pain under my ears in the past that lasted for days and was quite severe. Certain foods triggered it or gum. Chewing Cinnamint gum would always trigger it. One day I looked in the mirror with my tongue up and just saw the two openings under my tongue standing straight up with litte white things inside. I pressed and pressed under my neck keeping my tongue up. POOF! The saliva shot out along with a very tiny stone on each side (calculus). I knew I had stones. I rarely get them anymore, but I have much worse now with symptoms of Sjogren's syndrome, dry eye, mouth, melanoma, and swollen lymph nodes in lungs that are looking to be some kind of lymphoma and need surgery next month for total lymph node biopsy as I can't sleep without sweating to death due to fever.

TREATMENT OF STONES: It hurts, but hold tongue up, press where the pain is in an upward direction. If it doesn't work right away, keep trying, then eventually the stone will push out and all that liquid wil release. I have never been to the doctor for this. Hope this helps.

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