Febrile Seizures

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Febrile Seizures

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Shortly after my daughter turned one year - she had her first seizure. Her temp was 102, but there was no warning that she was sick or running a temperature at all until she had the seizure. She stopped breathing during the seizure - CPR was administered. This was the worst day of my life. She went on to have another seizure a few hours later and we spent two nights in the hospital with her.

Two weeks later she had four seizures in one day. She was diagnosed with an ear infection and once the antibiotics started, she was fine.

The following spring - just before her second birthday - she had two absent seizures - two weeks apart. Again - she had an ear infection and was treated with antibiotics.
Ours seem to always be linked to an ear infection.

We were initially followed by a neurologist - one I believed to be one of the best perhaps in Canada. He told me often children grow out of these by age three... and if you can get 18 months in without having one, you're probably clear of them.
Well next weekend we will celebrate one year without a seizure - and the week after that my daughter will turn 3. I am hoping these milestones mean we are done with Febrile Seizures.

My best advice for other parents would be - push to be referred to and followed by a neurologist if you are the least bit uncomfortable with the situation. And record all you can about these seizures - symptoms, how long they last, how high was the temperature. It will help you be on guard if and when the next one comes.

Best Wishes!

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