Stepped on a rusty nail


Stepped on a rusty nail

Post by Brandy101 » Wed Sep 28, 2011 10:17 am

I just stepped on a rusty nail that was around my dog kennel (so it may have possibly gotten feces at some point on it, maybe). It went in the heal of my foot and within seconds of pulling it out my heal started pouring blood. After bleeding all over the back porch and the floors of my home to the bathroom, I managed to get it to quit bleeding with cold water. I poured some peroxide on it to clean it out and shockingly it isn't throbbing. I was expecting some major pain or at least throbs of pain, but nothing yet. My question is how long can I wait before I go to get a tetanus. I'm assuming I have to go get one since I was in my teens when I had my last and now I am 35. So what is my window of time? Do I need to just go ahead and run to the ER and get one or can I wait until tomorrow evening or the next day in the AM to get one at the doctor's office?

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