Advice and resources requested


Advice and resources requested

Post by LisaL » Sun Aug 20, 2017 6:53 am

I will try to keep this short. I divorced my BPD ex 5 years ago (I didn’t know about BPD at the time, just knew something was very wrong). What can I do or what resources are available to help my kids 12 and 14 learn to deal with their BPD dad? Also, how do I handle the constant power struggles and habitual lying? He wants no documentation of communication, text and phone only, and he doesn’t want me speaking to his new wife (though she is much easier to deal with). Since the divorce, he launches one smear campaign after another against me. I want to ignore him, but he brings the kids into it. Or, the kids miss some event because I communicate with his wife and not him and he refuses to acknowledge it. I’m tired of being manipulated by him. I need some good advice please and possibly some good books to help sort through this mess. (If I only communicate with him, he plans other events or plots and schemes to twist things, etc., which is why I tried to communicate with the wife.)

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