Very Low platelet And white blood count


Very Low platelet And white blood count

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5 days ago I went to my pcp and got some blood work done, two days later the doctor calls and tells me to immediatly go to the er because my platelets and white blood count came out on the blood work very low. I went that same day and was admired to the hospital immediately because it was a serious matter. I've been here since for 4 days now and doctors have already gotten the bone marrow out as well as ultrasounds and x-rays and they say everything is normal, except for my blood work. Everyday I get my blood taken out and have shown no symptoms of sickness, weakness, bleeding, fever, or anything, but sweat nights. My white blood count is extremely low as well as my platelets and doctors can't seem to know what's causing this and why I show no symptoms of what my blood work is showing. I need answers.

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