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Is dementia a sign of the HIV virus turning into aids?

One of my close male friends has hiv and resently he has had very strange moods like peple are after him, or just forgetting things that are not normal of him. He is a recovering drug addict and i just wonder if it has to do with more of that.
He will no longer go to his doctor because he sees no use.

Dementia is tricky one.

HIV-related dementia, if it occurs (7% of people with AIDS), it usually happens at a CD4 count (immune level) less than 200, which many countries consider to be in the AIDS range (<200=AIDS). And HIV -related dementia is considered to be an Opportunistic Infection/"AIDS"-defining illnesses. So, if it is HIV-related dementia it would mean that your friend is now considered to have AIDS.
The distinction of HIV+ or AIDS (in developed countries) is not a very useful differentiation for a person living with HIV. In HIV clinical care, where I work anyway, we don't focus on that. It only serves to scare the client. I have one client who had a CD4 count of 4 when he was diagnosed as HIV+ and with meds his viral load is undetectable and his CD4 counts have risen substantially.

However, HIV-related/associated dementia (HAD) does not normally result in paranoia. It usually starts with forgetfullness and progresses to affect ability to work. Aggression can be common, as the disease progresses (it is VERY frustrating). At later stages a person is unable to walk without assistance and has major intellectual disabilities and can end with the patient in a near-vegetative state. We don't see as much of HAD as we use to, because HAART (ARV therapy) has greatly reduced the prevalence of it. We are not sure (sparse data), however, if HAART can reverse the effects of HAD. And before HAART (cocktail, ARV therapy) the average time from onset to death was 6 months. So it is a very debilitating disease.

Try and convince him to see a doctor. If he still won't here is some "at home" screening tests that you can do to see if it is HAD or if more testing is required:

1.Pick four random words, speak them aloud to him, and ask him to repeat.

2. Record the time it takes him to write out the alphabet
<21 seconds = 6
21.1-24 s = 5
24.1-27s = 4
27.1-30s = 3
30.1-33s = 2
33.1-36s = 1
>36 = 0

3. Ask for the four words again from #1. For words not remembered give a semantic clue (eg. if forgotten word is 'dog' then say "animal")
1 point for each correct answer

4. Have him copy a drawing of a cube and record time:
<25 s = 2
25-35s = 1
>35s = 0

Less than or equal to 7/12 is the lower limit (threshold) for dementia, but is non specific and requires further neurological examinations.....
-CTscan/MRI, Spinal Tap,

But continue (occasionally) to bring up the idea of him being seen by an HIV doc. Offer to go with him. Bribe him if necessary. Every person living with HIV should see their doctor at LEAST twice a year (if not more frequently if needed). Studies show they will live longer  (+ info)

Could someone please give me information about AIDS dementia?

Im doing research on AIDS and I have not really found any information about AIDS dementia. Could someone please help me? thanks in advance

thatdontimpressmemuch - The AIDS Dementia Complex (ADC) is one of the most common and clinically important central nervous system complications of late HIV-1 infection. It is a source of great morbidity and, when severe, is associated with limited survival. While its exact development remains a mystery in several important aspects, ADC is generally thought to be caused by HIV-1 itself, rather than to another opportunistic infection. Although the severity and relative prominence of some symptoms and signs compared to others may vary among individual patients, the general character of ADC involves three functional categories: cognition, motor performance, and behavior.
Cytomegalovirus (CMV) encephalitis is one of the diagnostically more difficult conditions complicating late HIV-1 infections and may be difficult to distinguish from ADC.
ADC patients should be treated with aggressive antiretroviral therapy. Combinations of three, four, or more drugs should usually be used. These drugs should be chosen on the basis of whether or not they are likely to be effective in suppressing systemic infection in the individual patient (particularly that the patient's predominating viral quasispecies is unlikely to be resistant to the component drugs), with consideration of how they will be practically tolerated by the patient. To include, if possible, two drugs with appreciable penetration of the blood-brain barrier.
References: Price RW: The AIDS dementia complex and human immunodeficiency virus type 1 infection of the central nervous system. Handbook of Clinical Neurology, Systemic Diseases, Part III. Amsterdam: Elsevier Science Publishers, 1998
Price RW. Understanding the AIDS dementia complex (ADC). The challenge of HIV and its effects on the central nervous system. [Review]. Research Publications - Association for Research in Nervous & Mental Disease 1994;72:1-45.  (+ info)

did Freddie Mercury suffer from dementia or mental illness when he had aids?

because the song "im going slightly mad" suggests he was

Yeah he did. Peter Freestone said so as well as some others close to Freddie. I mean he wasn't completely gone but he was a somewhat slower..you can kinda see it in the behind the scenes footage of I'm going slightly Mad...he's kind of slow when speaking and less sharp. I love Freddie I wish he never got aids.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ovByxEg8pcA  (+ info)

Do you recommend a “Small family”society when the Human race itself is at the fear of extinction due HIV-AIDS?

HIV-AIDS is a deadly disease complex and there is no known absolute cure for survival of a patient when contracted by this disease.
The incidence of the HIV is constantly increasing in the world in spite of all the preventive steps preached and practiced in the society on a war footing basis.
There is also much research with little progress going on in this field constantly through out the world and finding a vaccine / medicine to prevent / cure to this condition is still almost beyond sight.
Thus if the situation is continued like this there is always a danger of extinction of the Human race itself from the Globe!
Under these circumstances do you recommend the Government to continue or stop its Family planning / small family /policies / norms, aiming at going for one child or two children in a family as vigorously as at present; or totally abandon the small family norm for some time until our researches on this HIV-AIDS start bearing fruits, as a measure to preserve Human Race?

there is nothing you can do life is life live and try to comprehend care then my brother we shall pass on and mabe find an answer  (+ info)

My father seems to be showing signs of dementia. What help can I give him, and are there any support groups?

He forgets to turn things off. He's making very irrational decisions concerning money ( He spent 10 grand on a piano, another 5 grand repairing it, yet claims he can't afford hearing aids, or catarack surgery) He can't remember how old I am, how old my daughter is. He can't even remember being at her birth. During a conversation, he asks the same questions over and over again, because he doesn't remember asking them. He's also bi polar, and manic depressive. He refuses to go in for an evaluation. What can I do?

You can't do anything as long as he is legally recognized as an independent adult. If his behavior has negatively impacted you personally, or minor children that you're responsible for, then you are obligated by law to report him to adult protective services. They will see to it that he is properly evaluated and if necessary, treated.  (+ info)

Remember ARC (AIDS Related Complex) AIDS symptoms present, same risk group, with no HIV. This defies logic.?

If HIV causes AIDS, then there would not be people with the exact symtoms, Kaposi's sarcoma, Pneumocystis pnuemonia etc. that are part of the same risk groups ( IV drug users and daily amyl nitrate sniffers) but with no HIV antibodies. Heavy hard drug users chemotherapy patients,and the malnourished have always risked immune failure. Millions of people would be dead from it each year as a result of mosquitos (which carry and transmit every blood born virus). There was an interesting article in the San Francisco Chronicle a few years ago that discussed why so many of the early AIDS deaths from the late seventies and early eighties (before the HIV theory was accepted) turned out to not have HIV. It was claimed that although they were part of the same risk group, they actually died from a "rare lymphatic cancer" that had all the same symtoms as AIDS. We were told by HIV experts that anyone infected with HIV would be dead in 18 months. They keep changing that, adding years and years.

well first of all survival after diagnosis with HIV has increased ever since HAART were researched, secondly what exactly is your question? this looks more like a comment on the amazing but not all understandable facts about HIV, good luck  (+ info)

my husband has dementia and turns the volume way up on the tv day and night - Is this related to his dementia?

He's had his hearing tested and is just above the minimum requirements for a hearing aid, but he says he can't hear the tv unless it's full blast. Could this be because he doesn't understand the program due to the dementia?

I have no grounds to answer your question. It seems like it shouldn't be related though, does he understand you when you are speaking normally? Well anyway, I've looked up some resources where you can pursue your question further- they are listed here: http://www.medicinenet.com/dementia/page13.htm#tocq  (+ info)

Could you answer this multiple-choice question about HIV / AIDS ?

Which one of the following statements is TRUE?
A. In the 1980's and 1990's very few people with HIV/AIDS were subjected to stigma.
B. Anti-retroviral treatments are often complex and tedious for the patients.
C. Laws were passed in all states and countries banning discrimination against persons with AIDS.
D. The only drugs available have to be administered in a clinic or hospital setting.

B is true--i met an HIV patient who needed to carry around a small suitcase full of pills to deal with the infection and the side effects of the antiretrovirals

A-people definitely had even more of a stigma than there is now
C-some countries have specific laws promoting discrimination
D-there are many drugs that can be taken at home or anywhere and that can be picked up at a pharmacy with a prescription  (+ info)

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How long does dementia take to stop all signals and end a life?

I know there's no set timetable, but at least some averages would help. I'd like to think of dementia's onset as similar to a plane beginning its descent, but we don't know if it's coming down from 20,000 feet or 60,000 feet. We're just beginning to cope with my father having this condition.

I guess it depends on the person. My grandfather lived with it for 2-3 years before he passed away. He had no idea who i was in the end, he had no idea who my grandmother was either. .

It was heartbreaking to see my grandfather in his final weeks. But i look at it from the point of view that know he is at peace. You need to cherish each moment you have and try too remember what he was like when he wasnt sick.

My condolences go out to you and your family. Good luck and god bless  (+ info)

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