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What are the chances of getting aids from getting Aids blood on a cut?

Lets say that you had a cut arm, the wound was small but open and still bleeding.
Theres a person who has AIDs and for the sake of an easy question also had a cut arm.

If the AIDs persons blood got on the cut what are the chances of the person getting infected?

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How did AIDS start and why did it start in Africa?

In my regional geography book talks about Africa and how AIDS has a huge impact in the region. Though it does not say how it started. So i would like to know: how did it start? Was it ibecause humans had close contact with monkeys or was it bio-testing for companies and countries?

Well my Troll like friend, when a man and a monkey love eachother very very much they do the happy dance which involves the man to mount the monkeys anal and probe it with his weiner, after this is done he moans in ecstasy and explodes inside the monkeys anus giving eachother AIDS.  (+ info)

Whether the AIDS which is very fast spreading disease can be cured and diagnosed at the initial level?

AIDS is almost incurable disease. Most peoples dies due to diagnosis of the patient at the secondary stage. For prevention of it, use of genuine and reliable condoms and other safety measures has to be taken. If there is proper diagnosis of the probable patient at the initial stage, then he will be cured at the stage before going into the dangerous or secondary level. Also using of reusable syringe through blood donation or curing the disease of the patient, there are more chances of causing AIDS to the patient. So it is always said that "Prevention is Better than Cure". Most peoples move away from AIDS patients due to fear of infection. But it is the wrong way to escape from ourselves. The proper way is to take care of the patient by using good types of handgloves.

Basically when a person contracted the HIV-AIDS or Retro-Virus, there is NO MORE CHANCE of cure (at the present time).

Common misconception of many people that there is a cure for it when diagnose at early stage. The only available drugs against Retrovirus at this time is only pallative. It means, the medication is only work to retard or slow down the replication and spread of the virus. But there is no way to eliminate it completely.

Another misconception is many people were dying due to HIV-AIDS virus. The real truth was, people infected by retrovirus died not because of the virus perse. They died because secondary to INFECTION of what-so-ever disease.

The primary target of retrovirus is CD4 or helper T-Cell. CD4 cell is one type of WBC. It is one of the major defense of our body on fighting bacteria and foreign bodies.

Therefore if the retrovirus attack the CD4, the body will be bare defenseless from disease producing microorganism.

That is the time people become ill and die from the what-so-ever infection.

You are right! PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE. Because there is no CURE yet!

For your info: The Diagnosis and Staging of HIV-AIDS virus is based on the level of CD4 helper T-cell.  (+ info)

What are the chances of getting AIDs from a woman?

I heard, that if a man has sex with a woman and he has AIDs, the chances are, she will have AIDs if it was un-protected. Of course, this sounds reasonable and true, because he is shooting his fluids into her.


I heard also, that if the woman has AIDs and the man doesnt and they have un-protected sex. The chances of him getting AIDs isnt as high as if it were vise versa. Because its harder for her fluids to get into the man? I heard the chances are actually, pretty low, but I do not know.

I only ask, to see if this is true, as me and a few friends were debating it. Although, I do not have AIDs or know anybody who does, so save the "go get checked out" comments to me.

noooo it's equally as likely to get aids with someone effected without protection no matter if it's a women witha ids or a man...ollllld wives tale..

just get checked out to be safe...okay totally kidding had to get that annoying tick out of me ;) sorry

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What are some over the counter sleep aids I could use to help me fall asleep at night?

For the last few months I have been having extreme difficulty falling asleep. I just don't get tired until nearly 7 in the morning. I have no trouble sleeping once I get to sleep; It's getting to sleep that's the problem. I am looking for any over the counter sleep aids that can help me simply become much more tired much earlier in the night. Does anyone have any suggestions?

What would need to be done to get prescription sleep aids?

Any information would be appreciated.

try to sleep early night
use fruits specially orange
use folic acid containing foods specially vegetable and fruits
be happy  (+ info)

Can Aids be transferred by shedding skin from psoriasis?

I wanted to be sure on whether psoriasis is a possible way of spreading aids. I know aids is spread through blood or open cuts and unprotected sex (among other things). I was wondering if someone has psoriasis if those shed cells could transfer or spread the disease? Thanks for your help.

HIV not AIDS (AIDS is a doctors diagnosis) can be spread by infected blood, semen, breast milk, and vaginal fluid. So, the answer to your question is, No!  (+ info)

Can aids infected blood enter a dry healing cut?

For aids to spread through blood to blood contact, would both the aids infected person and aids-free person need to be bleeding? Or can aids spread through dry cuts that aren't bleeding? And how likely are you to get aids without doing anything involving dirty needles or having unprotected sex?

A scab acts as a barrier so most of the time you'd be just fine if you got AIDS infected blood on a scab or healing wound... BUT if there is a crack or opening in the scab you could possibly become infected but chances are low. More of a risk if you had a huge, gaping bleeding wound that came in contact with a large amount of AIDS infected blood.  (+ info)

What are the chances of contracting aids from getting a tatoo?

when I get a little bit older I really want a tatoo, but my only fear is that I will contract aids from it. What are the chances?

Make sure you watch the tattoo artist assemble the equipment. The needle and other supplies must be sterile. Make sure the needle is taken out of an unopened sterile package, and if it's not, leave! Make sure you ask around to make sure you're going to someone reputable. I would say your chances are very low.  (+ info)

How many different types of Band-Aids do you have at your house?

We have a least 3. The real Band-Aids. (for real scrapes...because they actually stick) The Dollar Tree ones for the everyday "emergencies"...where I see no blood. And the rainbow ones that are the middle of the road quality.
K- it looks as if I need to make improvements to my first aid collection. Candy and booze do seem quite necessary...though, in my house the medicine is kept in the cabinet above the fridge...right next to the booze.

My husband is an EMT. We have gauze, tape, those breakable icepacks, ace bandages, splints, baby aspirin, a stethescope, BP kit complete with pedi cuff, alcohol pads, hydrogen peroxide tabs, burn solutions, and lydocane cream.

I can never find a GD bandaid when I need one.  (+ info)

What are the chances of getting AIDS from getting stuck with a used needle?

Health care workers do occasionally get AIDS from poking their finger or hand with a used needle. But the experts say there is only a small chance of it happening.
My professor said it is less than a One percent (1%) chance that you would get HIV or AIDS from a needle stick. Is that true?
Then what percent of a chance is it really of getting AIDS like that?

As a nurse I can tell you, we don't know what kind of lives ppl lead. The church going modest looking man could be hooking up with hookers on the side & putting his wife at risk as well. Everybody is a potential for carrying the HIV virus. When it comes to needle sticks we don't take any chances. In a health-care setting that is taken very seriously and it be should taken very seriously. When needle sticks occur you have to fill out paperwork and then you have to get tested for the HIV virus, Hepatitis, and I'm sure other blood contagious diseases.

Maybe there is only a 1 percent chance of actually getting HIV from a needle stick but why would anyone take that chance & not get tested. It sort of sounds like your professor was a little blase about it. Those matters are taken very serious in a health-care setting and if it's not, then it should be. Regardless though, it is OSHA law that they have you get tested anyways.  (+ info)

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