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How can i reduce the abscess swelling?

I've had an abscess in my lower gum (jaw) for 3 days now. It's caused my lower cheek to swell (noticeably). I've been taking amoxicillin capsules for about 4 days to elimate the infection.
When will the swelling go down? Can i reduce it someother way?

get a regular tea bag get it wet put it in your mouth right on the abscess and it will pull the puss out and make it feel 10x better  (+ info)

How do I get the abscess on my face to come to a head?

its been 4 days and i have an abscess the size of a golf ball underneath my eyebrow which has caused my eye to swell shut. this is extremly painful and i've already been to the hospital and got antibiotics and pain killers but i dont have insurance and dont want to pay an arm and leg to get it lanced. im in aggonizing pain and need help asap. my birthday is tomorrow and i can't even go out in public.

  (+ info)

What antibiotics work for a tooth abscess?

i need some because i can't afford to get it pulled right now and i want this pain to stop before i jump off a cliff. (not really).
i just want the best medicine for my tooth
and the abscess is under my tooth

The practice of prescribing antibiotics for an abscessed tooth before extracton has died out. It used to be the norm many years ago, but no longer is. Once the tooth is removed, the abscess is gone as well.

That being said, you cannot get antibiotics over the counter for the reason mentioned by the dental student. They have been overused and often times do not work. You need to at least see a dentist to get a prescription for the correct amount of antibiotics to treat your particular case. Do not take any that have been prescribed to someone else and that they have left over. Antibiotics are designed to be taken at specific intervals and a person must take all of the prescribed amount for them to work properly.

Also, it usually takes about 3 to 4 days for the abscess to start to go down once you are on antibiotics, so you will still have pain. When you see the dentist ask for pain pills in addition the the antibiotics. but if you can afford the medications, you may be able to afford the extraction and be out of pain sooner.

The most commonly prescribed antibiotics for dental treatment are amoxicillin or penicillin.  (+ info)

What anti-biotic is prescribed for someone with anal abscess?

My father has an anal abscess, it was drained but he has not received antibiotics so far and it's been two weeks. He has now been advised by two different, more experienced gastroinestinologists than the one he went to that he does need antibiotics. Question is, which brand of antiobiotics is the appropriate one for something like an anal abscess?

that depends on what bug has caused his abscess. antibiotics have different mechanisms of action, and so work on different bugs. common abscess causers are
staph aureus- dicloxicillin (unless its MRSA, then doxycycline)
fungi- Imidazole.
whatever he is given, it will probably clear out his natural intestinal flora- so tell him to eat lots o yogurt:) also, he should be checked for some underlying condition...abscesses are much more common in people who are somehow immunocompormised.  (+ info)

How can i make my abdominal look perfect?

I train everyday for my stomach, abdominal. But mine is just strong, hard, it doens't has good form, like atletic people. What i have to do, how should i train to make my abdominal look perfectly athletic and also very strong?

You have to have a low body fat percentage and there's only two ways to get there.

#1 exercise like athletes with 6 packs (sprinters, gymnasts, dancers, etc..)

These athletes exercise 4-6 hours a day. Sorry, but it's the harsh truth.

#2 eat a nearly perfect diet.

Football players workout a lot, but alot of them eat cheeseburgers, fries, and pizza all the time.

Working out by itself (especially recreationally) may not be enough to get a six pack.

check out this site for some workout and diet tips http://www.ab-core-and-stomach-exercises.com  (+ info)

How do I get my abdominal muscles to show?

I have abdominal muscles, and when I press my fingers into my abdominal area with them flexed, I can feel the muscle, but I have a layer of fat or something between them and my skin (very small, as I only have 6% body fat). How do I get rid of this layer of stuff?

diet and cardio ab work makes abs stronger it does not burn the fat on top of them  (+ info)

How long does it take for an infection to turn to an abscess?

I have just learned that I may have an abscess on my falopine tube.

It is not possible to determine...they can turn within hours or weeks...different people have different systems...healing times etc...good luck with that..  (+ info)

Can a tooth that had root canal treatment for an abscess develop another abscess in the same spot a year later?

The root canalled tooth doesn't hurt because no nerves there but everything around it (gum area, side of face, and ear hurts. Haven't slept through the last 3 nights- Help! Ready to go get an xray so I can determine if an abscess exists- so expensive!

Yup. I had to get 3 for the same spot, then the 3rd didn't work and I had to get it pulled and get an implant.  (+ info)

Is it possible to overload on abdominal exercises that can turn into negative results?

Hi I am a pretty condition athletic but my abs aren't as strong as they can be. So I plan on doing some intense exercising over the summer that includes abdominal/lower back exercises. I plan on doing 5 different types of abdominal exercises.

I am planning on doing perhaps 250 (50 each exercises). If I did that every day could I overload and receive negative results?

  (+ info)

How long does it take an skin abscess to drain and will the skin flatten out again?

I'm currently on antibiotics for an abscess but I did not hv it lanced, the dr popped it with a needle and its draining on its own however its still very red and its on my side. How long will this drain, how long will it be before the redness goes away and the skin returns to normal?

Probably until it fully drains of the bacteria (causes the pain)
Try some hot clean compresses to the area.
Keep up with the antibiotics and be sure to call the MD if it's not better by Friday.  (+ info)

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