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When doing kegel exercises is it normal to experience abdominal tension and discomfort?

Each time I do the kegel exercise to strengthen my pelvic muscle I get abdominal tension and discomfort and feel my anus squeeze could this be because im not doing it right and/or can it cause serious injuries or is the cause?

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Does anyone know of a website that gives information on -closed abdominal injuries-?

Does anyone know of a website that has an article or story about one that actually happened?

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Here's an excellent link:

And another one:

There is a case study here:
Case Study--Chest Trauma: Pulmonary Contusion, Flail Chest, Pneumothorax, Cardiac Tamponade, ARDS

Here is another one:
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Tips for toning the abdomen w/ neck & back injuries?

I am seeking any tips to help tone the abdominal area w/ neck & back injuries. I am currently participating in daily cardio sessions of at least 20 minutes, including a standing abs workout. It is difficult for me to do crunching motions & ball workouts. I also do some pilates sets that don't include the crunching motion, but seem to work the lower abs a bit. I am open to any other suggestions to change it up a bit.

eat clean drink plenty water...(green tea) lift weights as much as possible. make sure your working....when u heal do this eat healthy 3 meals 1-2 snacks. lift 4-5 days a week (leg day, back and bicep day/ chest and tricep day/ shoulder and hard core day) hit abs 2-3 days a week. do 4-6 day cardio in.  (+ info)

Is itching on your stomach a good or a bad thing during an abdominal injury?

I have been told it is good when your itching during a abdominal injury becuase they say the injury is healing on the other hand I have heard that if your itching where you are injured in your abdominal I have been told it can be signs of a hernia. Who is right? Is itching during a abdominal injury such as a pulled or torn muscle good or bad? Thanks

it itches when it starts healing like a cut on your finger or leg  (+ info)

common abdominal injuries?

i'm doing a report on the abdominal muscles

No abdominal injury is the same, but since it's not you and for a report, here's a list of "common" injuries that I usually go on calls for:

Perforated Ulcer
Renal (Kidney) Pain
Abdominal Aortic Aneurism (AAA)
Ovarian Cyst
Ovarian or Testicular Torsion
Pelvic Inflammatory Disease
Ectopic Pregnancy
Myocardial Ischemia
Intestinal Obstruction

There are many more but those are the main ones I've seen  (+ info)

Can numbness on your skin (abdominal and leg areas) from a traumatic brain injury cause an abnormal ecg?

If some of the leads (electrodes) for the ecg are placed on numb areas?

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How soon can I start exercising after minor abdominal surgery?

I am not fit due to years of illness. I believe that the last surgery has done the trick and I would like to start exercising without any risks of injury, set backs or danger of rekindling CFS. Where could I find someone to guide me through getting back to health and fitness? I am on a low income too.

If you can give me any advice based on experience I would be really grateful. Thank you.

I use my local council run gym. They have trainers and personal fitness assessments. Speaking to someone there should be able to sort you out with some advice which won't cost nearly as much as these independant "chain" fitness studios like Fitness First etc.

Of course, speaking to your GP helps, they will be able to tell you when and how much exercise is wise to start off.

I had a hernia repair a few years back but I've been at the gym doing all sorts with no problems for a long while now.  (+ info)

Can an abdominal injury permanently damage a 5 week old embryo?

I haven't seen any bleeding or signs of miscarriage, but I was wondering if it could have brain damage or anything. It doesn't have a brain yet though, so as long as it is alive it should be fine right?

It's very unlikely. For one thing, baby is still down by your pubic bone. Secondly, he's surrounded by amniotic fluid, so while it may have splashed him about a bit, it would take a really bad injury to hurt him. There's only one way I can think of, would be if you were really hurt yourself, and your body decided you could not heal with a baby, spontaneous abortion may occur. I don't think so.

TX Mom
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Which is clearer to view abdominal problems such as injury, tumor,infection of organs,MRI or CT scan?

Which is clearer to view abdominal problems such as injury, tumor,infection of organs,MRI or CT scan?
And can some one tell me the steps of MRI on the abdomen?? And do you get to drink something or do you get iv injection prior to the exam?
Please help fast I’m desperate, cause I’ve being having terrible pain in my abdomen and the doctors don't seem to know what's going on without the help of these two (MRI or CT)...

CT scan with IV contrast and oral contrast is very good for imaging the abdominal and pelvic organs. It will show infection, masses and other anatomical anomalies.
CT scans are faster than MRIs and cheaper. There is radiation exposure however it is minimal.  (+ info)

Why are young children more susceptible to abdominal organ injury than adults?

Maybe because their abdominal muscles aren't formed yet like an adult's would be.

Is this a question that you know the answer to?

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