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what is the standard dose of dydrogestrone in the case of pregnancy with a history of habitual abortion?

we are married for last 2 years. my wife has faced 2 missed abortions at the period of 2 to 2.5 monthsin the past one year time. . now at the 3rd time ,Dr. has prescribed dydrogestrone 10mg once daily but due to ignorance she took the drug twice i.e. 20mg daily .she took it for 4 days. so please settle our quiery that whether the dose of 20mg will have any harm to the foetus and ultimately to pregnancy

When you say abortion,do you mean miscarriage? do you mean missed periods? do you speak english? what the hell was the question again? man i dont get what youre trying to say. ask your question again,and be more careful how you spell and word the question. abortion is when you go to a clinic and have a baby ripped out of your womb  (+ info)

My family is against abortion and i am considering getting one what to do?

I am planning on making an appointment for an abortion but my family is against abortion. I was going to get the abortion and tell my family i had a miscourage. However, my sister is a sergical tech and is very familiar with hospitals and the things that go on and being she knows so much pertaining to medical things i think she will know i got an abortion.


I just want to share with you what the effects of having an abortion are, and what can truly happen. I know, as I have had one. I regret this decision more than anything, and I wish I could go back and undo it. I didn't listen to my heart, and or what I wanted to do. I let others influence me, and my choice. I want to tell you, please consider all of the aspects before you commit to doing this.

I never thought I would regret it, and or that it would affect my life. It did and still does to this very day. I just recently had to seek help for it, as I couldn't deal with it anymore. I didn't realize why my life had kept on turning to a downward spiral for 6 years. I know now it was because of my abortion.

I went into a deep hidden depression. I became angry, bitter, hateful, sad, ashamed, embarassed etc. I literally almost died because of my actions. I truly went through a rough time. And I am still to this day struggling to forgive myself. Abortion to me, won't fix anything or take anything away, it will only make things worse, and when I say worse, I truly mean worse. Do not by any means let anyone influence you or your decision. Whatever you choose to do, it has to be soley up to you.

I had people tell me that it was nothing but a bunch of cells. Well, that's not true, it is indeed a child, and it is real. I have done numerous researches on this, and finally learned the truth. The earlier you do it, does not mean the better!

I wish that I could go back and undo what I did. It is truly a regret, and it did not help me or my life. It destroyed me. No matter how angry, upset, irritated people act, or say around you, the decision has to be yours and yours alone. I'm sorry to say that, but it's true. If you and your husband for whatever reason don't want another child, maybe you could consider the option of adoption. That's what I wanted, but my bf at the time left me no choice. He wasn't for adoption and we were in no place to raise a baby, and I tried to go for adoption, and in the end, I let others infuence me, and I hate myself for it. You can't listen to other people. You have to follow your heart.

I am not going to tell you what to do one way or the other, I am just trying to let you know what happens on the other side. Please take the time and consider these things. Abortion is real, and the group I'm in for help, we've all had abortions and every one of us regrets our decisions.

My guilt and that didn't come out to a head until years later, and the turmoil hell that I went through, well, lets just say I could have prevented it. I wish more than anything I could have given my baby up for adoption. And that talk about it just being a bunch of cells, no! Don't believe that. Ask any doctor. It's not true. The baby's do feel pain, and my baby had a heart beat when he or she passed. I didn't know, and I am deeply angry for being uneducated.

Just thought I'd share, I'd hate to see another woman go through what I have been through. It's not worth it. I live sure, but my life will never be the same, and I will never forget my baby!  (+ info)

How is the abortion process carried out on someone that is 19 weeks pregnant ?

I have heard that the way an abortion is done depends on how far pregnant you are.

For example, the abortion process on someone that is 8 weeks pregnant would be completely different to a one on someone this 18 weeks pregnant.

I also heard that if you want an abortion after you are 24 weeks pregnant, you have to pay a lot of money to get it done.

How long does it take ? Do you have to stay in a hospital ? Does it hurt like giving birth does ?

I had an abortion at 6-7 weeks (my doc told me there was no chance to keep the child). They gave me a shot and I fell asleep, after 15 minutes - woke up. No pains, no post-abortion problems.

I think it depends on the organism a lot. Anyway, mini-abortions done by good docs are not painful. Cannot tell anything about "bigger" ones...  (+ info)

after an abortion how long before you can start the depo provera shot for birth control?

After you have an abortion (by the abortion pill) how long do you have to wait before you can start the depo provera birth control method?

How soon into a pregnancy can you abort with the pill?

How soon can you take a pregnancy test?

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Repent (turn from sin) and put your trust in Jesus Christ to save you. God will grant you eternal life. Don't wait until tomorrow... You may not have another day.  (+ info)

What type of abortion should my girlfriend get?

My girlfriend is 6 months prego and finally decided to get an abortion. Should she go with a state-funded abortion or one at a private clinic? Obiviously, the state-funded one would make more fiscal sense, but we want to make sure that it's safe and that they get all of it.

Look, I am very for abortion but this is SIX MONTHS! They could probably induce her now and the child would survive. Please, give the child up, you really have nothing to gain from killing it at this point. You could have done it sooner, why did you not? Please- my dad is adopted and he is very grateful because someone like you chose to let him live. Like I said, I believe very much in abortion, but please reconsider.  (+ info)

What is the cheapest abortion procedure to get?

I am considering an abortion for my own personal reasons, please do not preach or lecture to me about it, it's my choice on what's best in this situation. I need to know which abortion method would probably be the least expensive, but I would also like to know a little info about all the procedures, please.
I might be pregnant and don't have a lot of money or any income coming. I live in the US, where abortion is generally not free.

The life of another human being is in your hands. It is alive, even many pro-choice people say so.
Judge for yourself




Interview with abortion clinic owner

Quotes from abortion doctors and clinic workers


http://www.priestsforlife.org/resources/photosbyage/weeks42.html  (+ info)

How does abortion affect the body for future pregnancy?

I've had one abortion and am going to have another, what type of toll is this taking on my body for future pregnancies.
To all the people who are answering and trying to tell me what to do with MY life, that's not the question at hand. For those people who want to pry and try to make someone feel bad about themselves, FUCK OFF, thats not what I came here for. I wasn't using protection the first time, and yes that was wrong. This time I was and the pills were not effective at preventing pregnancy. And NO I AM NOT READY TO HAVE A CHILD, and that's my own business none of yours. No, please answer the question that is being asked of you, if you can't then find another person to piss off. Have a nice day

possibility of infection and scar tissue. once scar tissue starts developing it can be difficult for the fetus to survive in the uterus. since this will be your 2nd you should really think about another form of BC. i SERIOUSLY caution patients after 3 abortions.
i've had patients that had 3-10 abortions and they conceived with no problem.  (+ info)

What does abortion actually do to a fetus?

I've been having a big debate about the moral right/wrongness of abortion with my parents and they say all kinds of horrible things that happen to it. The problem is they are so inconsistent about what it actually does or how it's done that I'm not sure I can trust anything they say on the topic. Please help.

No matter what your parents say, the fact is that abortion terminates the pregnancy. No one (even pro-choicers) deny that. Second, It kills the CHILD. Life begins at conception. The actual procedure varies depending on how far along you are. None of them are MORAL. In the 1st trimester, a D&C is used...vacuuming out the baby...2nd trimester there are a variety of ways...in some cases they burn the baby, but most often now days they breaks its limbs off in pieces and pull it out... 3rd term...deliver baby until everything is out but head...cut a hole in his/her neck and suck brains out...yes, they wiggle through the whole process...sometimes they live...and they set them aside to die... Google silent cry. :( BABIES HAVE A HEABEAT AS EARLY AS 5 WEEKS AND CAN FEEL PAIN BY 8 WEEKS. Abortion is wrong. Oh and if you watch live abortion video Silent Cry the baby actually runs from the pliers...and looks like he is crying...so sad...he knows... RIDICULOUS. And these women call themself women and mothers. The B*T*H*S are going to hell...with the rapists and murderers...well, all except those who are GENUINELY sorry...  (+ info)

How soon after I get my abortion will my morning sickness stop?

I am about 6 weeks pregnant and I have horrible morning sickness. I've lost 15 pounds since I got pregnant. I am getting an abortion next friday. I would ask a Dr but I don't know any and don't want to pay. How soon after getting the abortion will I stop barfing? When will the hormones leave my body?

Ignore the morons.

You should be able to ask these questions of the doctor performing the abortion or the nurses there.

I was unlucky enough to have severe morning sickness at 5 weeks pregnant, and the day after the abortion it was almost completely gone. I would expect morning sickness would only last at most a few days after the procedure.

It can take weeks for the hormones to leave your body.

Good luck.  (+ info)

How does the abortion process work?

I am thinking of having an abortion, and I know what they are and everything, I am more wondering about the entire process. Do i have to get a physical? How many times do I have to see the doctor before the procedure? Do I have to do a follow up? Does it hurt afterward? How long do they make you stay after it's been done? Stuff like that.

You'd be better off having a look on the internet:

http://www.bpas.org/bpaswoman.php?page=74  (+ info)

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