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What are the specific causes or symtoms of missed abortion?

I am 8 weeks and 4 days pregnant. today my doctor had my first ultrasound and there was no sign of any live fetus shown on the screen. She suspect I have a missed abortion. She told me that the finding is not final and will have another ultrasound after two weeks. I don't have any symtoms like, beeding, back-ache or abdominal cramp, etc. I am 39 years old and this is my first pregnancy.

I had one at 16 weeks, I started bleeding & cramping. Not too bad of cramping but no other signs before that. Try not to stress out the you may not be as far along as they think you are & your baby may not be big enough to pick up yet. Im sorry for what your going through believe me i know!! Good luck..  (+ info)

what are my chances to conceive again after a missed abortion?

what should i do to prevent another missed abortion? i had a d&c 3 days ago, my husband and i want to have another baby . how long should we wait ? what should i do to have a healthy preganancy?

~The only way I can think of to avoid a missed abortion is to keep the appointment.
If you're thinking about bumpin' bellies 3 days after a d&c, something is seriously wrong with you.
Why not tell your husband to have a kid with the babysitter, and then adopt. The genes might fit better.  (+ info)

unprotected sex after 10 days of missed abortion?

I had a missed abortion on the 3/9/08. We had unprotected sex after 10 days, When will the ovulation happen, and when will my menstrual cycle return to normal.

omg im pro choice but u just kill one and u go and might create another 1 can u plz stop killing them. and use CONDOMS  (+ info)

Do i have a bright chance of conceiving as i had a missed abortion?

I had a missed abortion this month i was 2monsth pregnant but embryo was just 5 weeks and a D and E was done last week
Doc said after a D an E chances are bright that you will conceieve
how true is this

  (+ info)

I had a missed abortion so after 8 weeks I’m having my period yesterday but it is very less. Is it ok?

hi, actually I had an abortion on 22nd may 08 since docters told me that my baby does not have heart beat. So, I'm really upset. After 8 weeks I’m having my period yesterday but it is very less. Is it ok? and i'm taking some medicines like ROVAMYCIN FORTE as advice by the docter as there was some infection. please advice me m worried.

u had an abortion or a miscarriage. Sounds like you had a miscarriage since your baby didnt have a heart beat.It takes time for your body to regulate itself again!  (+ info)

What are the symptoms before you expell the fetus/embryo naturally after a missed abortion?

My girlfriend went for a ultra sound and the gyno told her that there was an embryo which had stopped growing. It was like a dot. She is 6 weeks from conception. How long do we have to wait before the body expells the embryo? Whats are the signs before she expells? Can she get pregnant while the dead embryo is still inside her?
Actually the doc suggested surgery but advised to wait for her next period and see if it expels naturally. The embryo inside her is like a dot. Probably not more than 2 weeks old before it stopped growing. She is in her 6th week now.

I went through 2 miscarriages at around the same gestational age as your girls friend, it took around 10 days for bleeding to start, it was pretty much like a very heavy period, if I had not known I was pregnant I probably would have thought it was just heavy bleeding with more sever cramps than normal.
After speaking to my doc at great lengths about a D&C I decided not to have one, although the following 10 days were more emotionally difficult, the chances of a D&C damaging the uterus walls was of more concern to me...a D&C can...though not in all cases...but it can tear or puncture the walls of the uterus making it harder to conceive again...if you can at all...
After my first miscarriage I fell pregnant again right away before having a normal period...the reason for loosing the second baby was more from misadventure than for medical reasons (car accident) after the second miscarriage I waited for one normal cycle before resuming sex with my husband and sure enough the following month I was pregnant again...my little girl is now 14 months old...thats not to say your girl will get pregnant agian right away, but it does happen...
If you and her are both happy to try again, then do it when your both ready...there was a reason that miscarriage happened...and although difficult...its the bodys way of making sure that you have the healthiest baby you can have.  (+ info)

How to avoid a missed abortion ? What care should be taken here ?

I was carrying 2months - gestational sac was 8 weeks
but the fetus was just 6 weeks with no heartbeat
It was a missed abortion - i read about what a missed abortion is - still the causes are not known , am 37years old
is there a chance of conceiveing a healthy baby , the first was also a misscarriage due to a luteal cyst haemmorhage
Depressed ! Had a D & E done , and Doc said try again after 3 months
What are the chances that i would conceive healthy again
Am planing to use preseed this time

I don't think you can really avoid having a missed abortion - its really just the same as having a miscarriage but your body doesn't expel the pregnancy like normal. Of course there is a chance that you will have a nice healthy baby this time - all you can do is try and eat right, take vitamins and rest if you need to - listen to your body. In most cases I believe that you lose your baby for a reason - which may not have anything to do with the next pregnancy. My friend had a healthy baby boy, then had a missed miscarriage at 12 weeks (baby was only 6 weeks in size), she then had another normal miscarriage and is now 28 weeks pregnant with another healthy baby boy. All the best!  (+ info)

why i had 2 missed abortion in the same year?

i had both missed abortion,first with no heart beat and second no heart beat and size started shrinking between scans.the time gap between two conception was 3 months..i am worried about my future pregnancy and i am 22 yrs of age.

HI - do you mean chemical pregnancies? I think theyre also known as missed abortions... anyways I had 2 last year, 1 in Jan and 1 in May, then a 5week miscarriage in July. Since then, havent been able to get pregant, am now on around my 23rd month of trying. I recommend a trip to the docs and hospital for tests just in case theres an underlying problem. Good luck!!  (+ info)

Having on and off sharp pain in lower abdomen after 9 days of missed abortion.?

Had miscarriage at 8th week of pregnancy.Had a missed abortion.Can anybody help me.
Bleeding has stopped now

Any odor or discharge? Are you still bleeding? Do you have a fever? Did you have a D & C after miscarriage??
It is possible that some tissue was not ejected during the miscarriage and it could be causing infection. I would see my doctor if any of the above is happening or if the pain persists.

I am sorry for your loss, and please do not let your sadness stop you from seeking medical treatment.  (+ info)

What is main causes of missed abortion and its precautions ?

missed abortions..huh?  (+ info)

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