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what is the difference between ectopic pregnancy and threatened abortion?

i was 2 weeks pregnant and experienced vaginal bleeding and abdominal pain with a positive pregnancy test. The doctor told me it was threatened abortion and the nurses were adamant it was ectopic pregnancy. A week later the bleeding stopped and experienced no pains. The pregnancy test was also negative and the following months i had regular menses. Am i infertile.

If you had an ectopic pregnancy then they would have done surgery. A threatened abortion is where there is a threat of losing the baby. The doctor usually puts you on bedrest until the threat has passed. But if you took another test and it came back negative and your having regular periods then it looks as though you had a miscarriage. But no you aren't infertile. Lots of women have miscarriages and go on to have a healthy pregancy. Good Luck.  (+ info)

Will the pregenancy continue when having threatened abortion?

HI. My wife pregenant at 9 weeks and after having sex, she saw few drops of blood. I took her to doctor and having ultrasound image, it shows normal heart beating for the baby but the doctor wrote "threatened abortion" the bleeding stopped and it wasn't much just few drops. My question, will this pregnancy continue and baby will be OK?

Well I had bleeding at 8, 12 and 16 weeks I am now almost 18 weeks and have had three very good ultrasounds, my blood work is fine and the babies heart rate is healthy and I have started to feel it move. So far so good. Doctors have to say these things to prepare you for the worst but it doesn't mean it is going to happen. Just perhaps stop having sex for a while, sometimes sex can aggravate the cervix and make it bleed a bit. Try not to stress, because stressing wont help things and will only make your wife feel more uneasy. Good luck and congratulations.  (+ info)

Why does it say threatened abortion on my labour notes?

My partner noticed this on my labour notes today and now I am being accused of thinking about aborting our daughter when I was pregnant. I have never thought about having an abortion and have never spoken to a doctor about it. I think there must be some error - will they change it if I phone up and ask and tell my partner of their mistake. Thanks
Oh thanks, I did bleed a lot in early pregnancy and was told I would probably miscarry. I feel so stupid lol.

spontaneous abortion = natural miscarriage
elective abortion = requested termination of pregnancy
threatened abortion = shows signs of miscarriage possibility

Trouble is that we only hear the term "abortion" in one way, when all it really means is the termination of a pregnancy by whatever means the pregnancy is terminated.  (+ info)

Am i pregnant or is this a threatened abortion?

I have had my period regularly for two months and now two weeks after my period im spotting.

Most people ovulate about 2 weeks after their period, and sometimes a little bit of spotting can accompany ovulation. This is most likely the cause.

If you are sexually active you would be ovulating at about this time and could conceive which can also cause spotting. The act of sex itself can cause spotting.

It could just be irregular spotting as sometimes happens.  (+ info)

what causes abdominal cramping in patient who suffers threatened abortion?

why does abdominal cramping occur in patient who suffers from threatened abortion?

It is the placenta detatching from the wall of the uterus, most likely. I had 3 early miscarriages around 6-8 weeks and I did not have the cramping, just the bleeding. As women ger further along miscarriages are more painful.  (+ info)

I have whats called a threatened abortion and i am six weeks pregnant. I want this baby and am scared.?

How will I know if I miscarried?

  (+ info)

What does a threatened abortion really mean??

I went to the docter today because i was having some lower abdomanal pain. I am supposed to be 3 or 4 weeks pregnant. They done an ultrasound and said they didnt see anything but i did have the pregnancy hormone. Can they really tell if i am pregnant through ultrasound this early? My hospital isnt the best and I doubt them alot. Now im worried I lost my baby. What should I do? I have some white discharge but no bleeding and the pain was like minor period cramps. can anyone tell me what my chances are to have a normal pregnancy?

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I just been told that i have a threatened abortion does this mean i won't be able to carry to full term?

This is a scarry feeling. the doctor spoke to fast for me, im not understanding does this mean i am going to miscarriage. help i dont understand

"dr robbe..." i am getting really tired of you answering that for every question im going to start reporting you. its very annoying.

i honestly am not sure what it means. i have never heard of it, but if you are scared why didnt you ask your doctor for clarification?  (+ info)

what should i avoid and for how long (22 weeks, threatened abortion)?

i was told to get bed rest, what else should i do or don't? know any sites that talk a lot about second trimester bleeding?

Well bed rest usually means stay in bed all the time, unless to use the bathroom or go to appointments.

Keep your feet up, stay comfortable. Drink plenty of fluids, stay relaxed. Stressing can cause more problems and just discomfort. Find things you can do in bed that keep you occupied.... Reading, tv, laptop, video games, board games, card games.....

Avoid sex of course, which I'm sure you already knew. I don't really know what else to tell you other than stay in bed like advised and keep your hopes up and stay relaxed.

Plenty of fluids, stay hydrated, eat well and just take care of yourself.

Good luck to you.  (+ info)

My doctor ordered a sonogram for me and on the form she put "threatened abortion"??

now when i went to the doctor i had bad cramping and spotting but nothing major and she said that i might be going to miscarry and since im only about 5-6 weeks along she wants to do a transvaginal sonogram... and the paper says threatened abortion...does the cramping and spotting mean a miscarriage for sure??

No, it doesn't mean a miscarriage for sure. That is what the ultrasound is for, to see what is happening. I cramped up a lot when I was first pregs, and some women do spot. It's not a very good sign when they happen together, but don't rush to conclusions. Nothing will tell you for sure until you at least get the ultrasound to see what's happening. They will also test your hormone levels to see if they are dropping or continuing to do what they are supposed to.

Hopefully it is a false alarm and everything is okay. Good luck.  (+ info)

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