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Can a tooth that had root canal treatment for an abscess develop another abscess in the same spot a year later?

The root canalled tooth doesn't hurt because no nerves there but everything around it (gum area, side of face, and ear hurts. Haven't slept through the last 3 nights- Help! Ready to go get an xray so I can determine if an abscess exists- so expensive!

Yup. I had to get 3 for the same spot, then the 3rd didn't work and I had to get it pulled and get an implant.  (+ info)

How long does it take an skin abscess to drain and will the skin flatten out again?

I'm currently on antibiotics for an abscess but I did not hv it lanced, the dr popped it with a needle and its draining on its own however its still very red and its on my side. How long will this drain, how long will it be before the redness goes away and the skin returns to normal?

Probably until it fully drains of the bacteria (causes the pain)
Try some hot clean compresses to the area.
Keep up with the antibiotics and be sure to call the MD if it's not better by Friday.  (+ info)

Can I drink alcohol whilst having an abscess packed daily?

Ok so it's the weekend and the last day of the six nations, I want to have a few beers and wonder whether drinking alcohol will affect this at all? The abscess is in the Axillary area (armpit) and is being packed daily since the operation on wedesday last. Basically I'm worried it'll make it bleed more or something similar!

Thanks for any responses!

You are correct. Alcohol will thin your blood and make your wound bleed more. I would not recommend drinking anything alcoholic. There will be plenty of days for you to drink. This wound will heal and then you can drink.  (+ info)

What is a home remedy for an abscess located in your mouth??

I have allot of pain and a temperature from what I believe is an abscess, I was just needing some home remedies. It's located in my mouth on my gum...pain medicine isn't working, and my dentist can't see me anytime soon. I have tried baking soda, vanilla extract, peanut butter, and aspirin. So thanks for all the helpful tips..

i suggest the use of OraMD, it is a natural oral medication i have been using when i was beset with bad breath, gum disease and oral health problems. it worked great in keeping bad bacteria and signs of gum disease away. it is also be that you pay close attention to oral and dental health. gum disease can be dangerous for it can cause a host of medical issues later on if left untreated. better maintain proper oral hygiene by proper brushing and flossing every after meal. regular visits to the dentist is very important to be taken for granted.  (+ info)

What happens when pus from a gum abscess is swallowed?

I had an pus filled abscess yesterday morning when i woke up and then at about dinner time it drained itself without me even realising so obviously i swallowed it and didn't even notice.

Can swallowing this pus make me ill?

no worries, they drain naturally all the time  (+ info)

What to do if you have an abscess in your mouth?

I have what I believe is an abscess located in my mouth on my gum. I need some home remedies to help. I have tried pain med., baking soda, peanut butter, and vanilla extract. I have a high temperature and I am in allot of pain. So any helpful advice would be really appreciated. Thanks

Swish warm salt water around in your mouth while you find the phone number to your dentist! If he can't see you immediately, head to the emergency room after you spit out the saltwater. This is nothing to fool around with. You can die from an abscessed tooth. Actually, before modern medicine, a whole lot of people died from mouth infections!  (+ info)

what are the symptoms of an underarm abscess?

I have 4 painful lumps (size of grapes maybe) under my one armpit (no health insurance). They are restricting the movement of my one arm and soreness in the shoulder blade on that side. What are the symptoms of an underarm abscess and what causes this?

An abscess is any form of infection that builds up in any specific place. You really need to see a doctor, you probably need to have them lanced and get on an antibiotic. If you don't have health insurance you can go to an emergency room, they cannot turn you away, and most have programs that you only pay according to your income. Do get it checked though, if there are that many and that large, they could continue to spread.  (+ info)

What is the best way to heal an abscess syst?

I keep it covered with a moist paper towel cause if it I do a dry towel it drys and sticks and then it hurts real bad..so is it supposed to dry up? most of the abscess is already out..What could I put on the syst to heal or make it go away?
i have gone to the doctor and he squeezed a lot out and im almost done with my antibiotics
the abscessed syst is on my waist

go to the doctor. If you truly have an abscess, you may need to have it drained and you'll definitely need to receive some antibiotics. Don't let abscesses go to long as they can become a systemic infection and that is no good.  (+ info)

How can I get pain relief from an Abscess in the nose?

I have a painful little Abscess on the inside of the nose. I saw a Doctor about it already. It isn't Septal (it's on the inside of the outer wall of my left nostril), and it isn't major enough to lance, but it is driving me NUTS!!! How can a relieve the pain and/or help it heal faster?

I would recommend getting an opinion from an ear, nose, and throat doctor about this abscess to see what could also be some good options for dealing with this abscess.  (+ info)

what is gluteal abscess and any treatment for them?

I have these gluteal abscess that come on my body during winter time,and that too always on my butt and i am not able to sit .Why does this happen and only in the winter ?Its so painful .i got to the doc and got the pus removed last time ,i don't want that to happen again ,are there any home remedies for this ,possess..help?its embarrassing to go to the doc .

You can try to drain it yourself or have your significant other do it. Keep sterile though. Then use some antibiotic creme.  (+ info)

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