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How common is cholecystitis or gallstones in teenagers?

I'm 15 and I have cholecystitis. I'm not obese and I don't have a family history of it. I was just wondering how common is this?
I admit my diet is sometimes not the best but I do try to eat good foods (I only drink diet pop, for example) and my mom doesn't have a lot of fatty or salty foods inthe house. I might be under a little stress because of school but not that much.

Rarely, a form of acute cholecystitis without gallstones (acalculous cholecystitis) occurs. Acalculous cholecystitis is more serious than other types of cholecystitis. It tends to occur after the following:

Major surgery
Critical illnesses such as serious injuries, major burns, and bodywide infections (sepsis)
Intravenous feedings for a long time
Fasting for a prolonged time
A deficiency in the immune system

It can occur in young children, perhaps developing from a viral or another infection.  (+ info)

Why do some people have jaundice when they have cholecystitis?

One sign of cholecystitis (gallbladder disease with gallstones) is jaundice. Why would a person have that?

The gallbladder produces bile. When the organ is diseased or effected by stones then the bile "spills" into the cells in the entire body instead of going into the stomach and intestines to help digest food. I hope this helps you understand why this happens. God Bless  (+ info)

Will drinking Liquor make my Cholecystitis/Gallstones flare up?

I was recently diagnosed with Cholecystitis caused by my gallstones they put me on a no fat diet until my surgery to get it removed. But today is new years eve and i was wanting to celebrate. Would it be safe to consume some liquor tonight or would it irritate my gallstones?

Yes, alcohol will irritate your gallstones....aside from fatty foods, it's one of the main causes of gallbladder flare ups/pain. The gall bladder is linked to the pancreas, and alcohol can adversely affect the pancreas, as well.

If I were you, I'd abstain. I understand you want to celebrate, but you will likely pay for it if you do!  (+ info)

Why does rapid weight loss sometimes precipitate cholecystitis?

I am a nurse, but I am not sure I understand the dynamics of this phenomenon.
Buford, that is not what I was asking!!!

Any change in eating habits (diet) is going to send your
digestive tract into a tizzy. and when the digestive tract is not happy, nothing else is either.
Also watch that any, medicine given for one ailment will throw your whole stomach out of whack.....
Avoiding fatty foods should be good for you. Gallbladder problems can run in families as well.  (+ info)

What is recommended NOT TO EAT with a cholecystitis (acute thickening of the gallbladder)? ?

I appreciate any helpful advise.
Can I drink Coffee?

and mayonnaise to the first answer.  (+ info)

My wife if 5 weeks pregnant, and she has a history of gallstones. How likely is she to develop cholecystitis?

It is not unusual for women to develop cholecystitis during pregnancy. Pregnancy can increase the chances. They try to control the pain with meds, diet, etc.to avoid surgery. Surgery can be done while pregnant if totally necessary, but better to wait until after delivery. I've know of cases where delivery one day and surgery the next.
Make the OB aware of the history and treat the symptoms.  (+ info)

Where can I find a place that specializes in Cholecystitis in San Diego?

It's a very common disease and the associated procedure is routine and low-risk. Focus on finding a good general surgeon.   (+ info)

Does gall bladder pain always have to be cholecystitis?

because i went to two doctors and none of them gave me antibiotics. they simply told me to lay off heavy foods..but i am kinda worried still.. as the pain persists right i eat sugary things..will it be like this forever unless i remove my gall bladder ?

im dooing my best to cleanse it..

My husband had his gall bladder removed.Before it was removed he could not eat fatty or greasy rich foods.That would stir it up.He still has problems even though the gall bladder has been removed so seek some more opinions .  (+ info)

Is cholecystitis glandularis benign or malignant?

honey, try webmd.com  (+ info)

what is subacute cholecystitis?

i can find acute cholecystitis online but i cant find any explanation in lamens terms of subacute cholecystitis. any help is greatly appreciated!!

The following links are surgical/doctors pictures of examples of subacute cholecystitis. Its very gross for layman but it will give u a better idea of what's happening inside and different stages of the development in the gall bladder. Symptoms of subacute choleystitis is the diffuse-chronic inflamation resulting in thickening of the wall of the gall bladder. This can be resulted from gall stone, chemical or bacterial factors

Look at no. 54 - 61.
http://medic.med.uth.tmc.edu/edprog/PATH/GastroII.HTM  (+ info)

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