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What restrictions would someone with achondroplasia (dwarfism) have? Just doing day-to-day things, including school, athletics, etc.

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How does the mutation that causes achondroplasia form?

Do all babies with a parent that is a dwarf get achondroplasia?

Genetic mutation
About 80 per cent of people born with achondroplasia have average-sized parents. This means that the genetic mutation that causes achondroplasia occurs during conception, when the mother's egg is fertilised by the father's sperm. It is not known why this genetic mutation occurs, or how the mutation translates into the characteristics of achondroplasia. Twenty per cent of people born with achondroplasia inherit the faulty gene from an affected parent. If one parent has achondroplasia, then their child has a 50 per cent chance of inheriting the gene for the condition. If both parents have achondroplasia, then their child has a one in four risk of inheriting the faulty gene from both parents, which causes a fatal condition known as 'double dominant' or homozygous achondroplasia.  (+ info)

Are Achondroplasia and Down Syndrome more common in certain races?

There are alot of diseases, disorders, etc that only affect certain races/ make people more likely to get/be born with it, like sickle cell, osteoporosis...
I've noticed that I have never met a black person with Achondroplasia, or someone asian with down syndrome.
Are either of these more likely to occur in because races? if so, why?

Down's Syndrome can be found in Asians, I have seen 3 cases.
I don't know about achondroplasia in blacks, but I think it may be prevalent in them.
Although certain diseases are more common in certain races, they may be found in other races as well. It's sort of globalization!  (+ info)

Is there a technical and common name of achondroplasia?

Is there a simple word for achondroplasia and a technical word for it?

Achondroplasia is the technical term and the common term 'dwarfism' is sometimes used to describe it.  (+ info)

Does anyone in the cheshire area have a child with Achondroplasia?

My son (6 years old) has Achondroplasia (a type of Dwarfism) and I would love to hear from someone else who has experience of it. The category is deseases, but it's not one.

I looked on the Net and found this website. It is an organisation with members worldwide.

www.achondroplasia.co.uk  (+ info)

Where can you get pamphlets about achondroplasia?

I am doing a presenatation at school about achondroplasia and we have to have pamphlets to give out explaining the disease and I need to find a place that will give me some pamphltes to pass out.

Have you emailed the March of Dimes? They would be able to send you a file in PDF format that you could copy.
They are the folks that specialize in providing education about this sort of thing....  (+ info)

If a man with Achondroplasia and a woman normal height want to have children. What are the likelihood?

What is the likelihood that their first child will have Achondroplasia

it will depend if she is a carrier of the disease trait (in all probability she is not unless she is a relative). therefore, you don't have much to worry about.  (+ info)

I just discovered my child has Achondroplasia, i need to know about limb-lengthing?

i hope this site can help me
I just discovered my unborn child may have Achondroplasia dwarfism. I already know I want to have limb-lengthing surgery. are there any serious dangers. have any parents done this

First, you need to calm down. You cannot make a decision regarding limb lengthening surgery before your child is even born. You need to focus on accepting and loving your child first and foremost.
Leg lengthening surgery is not for everyone. It involves years of pain and many surgeries. If your child is a "little person" they must learn to love themselves as they are because even if they have the surgery, they will still have all the characteristics of a little person.
Calm down and focus on what is important - you and your baby.
Go to this website for support but please accept your child for who he/she is.
Congratulations on the upcoming birth of your beautiful baby!  (+ info)

What limitations are placed on people with achondroplasia?

Also what are their every day lives like?

I would like a person that is living with the disease to answer, but if you have good info, please answer. No jokes or bs stuff made up.

if your luky u will have no limitations but i the defect is realy strong then its possible that you wont b able to mov at all  (+ info)

What are the medical dangers someone with Achondroplasia would face if they fell?

Achondroplasia is a form of dwarfism

This is an EXCELLENT question!!! I sincerely hope someone can help you with this!!!  (+ info)

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