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What are the chances of getting a keloid after getting my ears pierced?

I wants my cartilage, targus, and second whole on both ears. I'm not planning on getting it all done at once, though! keloid

My mom is saying I could get a keloid and I shouldn't get it done. I think she's overreacting.

What are the chances I would get one? Have you ever had one?


True keloids are VERY rare, unless you have keloided in the past or a member of your family has, don't worry about it too much. Could it happen? Of course, you could also be kidnapped by aliens tomorrow. What most people confuse with keloids is called hypertropic scarring, which is fairly common but not a big issue, some times it goes away some times it doesn't.  (+ info)

How can you make keloid scars go away?

I have keloid scars that have been there for over five years and they've just started to bother me. How can I make them go awary or become less noticable without surgery?

Once the scar has formed, treatment options include surgery, steroid injections, pressure therapy and more recently laser therapy. Silicon gel sheeting may help reduce the elevation of the Keloid.
Keloids may grow flatter over time without treatment, but do not usually disappear completely. When patients with a tendency to form Keloids consider surgery, it is important that precautions are taken to minimise more trauma to the skin and further Keloid formation.

- Vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, zinc, selenium and the amino acid glutamine are classed as antioxidant nutrients. Low levels of antioxidants play a significant role in delaying wound healing. Supplementing with these nutrients may help to improve recovery time and discourage the development of Keloid Scars.
- Vitamin E may be the most important nutrient to consider for Keloid Scars. Vitamin E, when taken internally and applied externally helps to improve the appearance of Keloid Scars.
- Bioflavonoids are derived from citrus fruits. Studies show that these nutrients help to accelerate the healing of wounds.
- Carnitine is an amino acid which may help to improve the healing of wounds and prevent Keloid Scars.
- Manganese, magnesium and vitamin B5 are nutrients that play a role in wound healing. These supplements may help to prevent the formation of Keloid Scars.
- Zinc is a mineral which is important for the immune system and for wound healing. This mineral can be taken internally and applied externally to Keloid Scars in the form of a cream or tape.

* Kelo-cote® is a patented topical silicone gel for the management and prevention of abnormal scars in the form of hypertrophic scars and keloids.

Silicone is the clinical gold standard for scar treatment and scar prevention having demonstrated clinical efficacy over all other forms of topical treatments and is recommended by the “International Advisory Panel on Scar Management” as the first line therapy for these types of scars.  (+ info)

What would happen if i repierced my keloid?

I have a keloid on my stomach from a surface piercing, i want to repierce the area of the keloid.What would happen if I do ? Would it become bigger or nothing will happen?

Well, any further injury could cause more keloid to form, so I think it's best to leave it well alone, you might cause it to expand by piercing it again.  (+ info)

How to remove a keloid from a rook piercing?

I just got my rook pierced little over a month ago. It has developed a keloid. How would I remove it?

first...be patient. it won't go away over night.
i get them often with fresh piercings, in fact i'm battling one right now.

take a cup or 2 cups of water, heat it a little bit but not too hot. then put a teaspoon of SEA SALT (not table salt) and mix it in till absorbed.
then take cotton balls or q-tips and soak it. i prefer cotton balls. some piercers tell you to literally soak your ear in the cup (or bowl, whatever) but thats always really messy for me and my hair gets soaked. just keep switching the cotton balls when it starts to cool. this will also soothe any pain that accompanys the piercing...

do this maybe twice or three times a day until it goes away... and avoid messing with
i usually go sea salt once a day but my keloid is almost gone now, and mines on my conch not on my rook

good luck!  (+ info)

Is there any other ways to get rid of keloid scars other than plastic surgery?

The removal of keloid scars is by plastic surgery,that's what I've heard so far.But is it possible for other alternatives to remove keloid scars? Maybe by applying some kind of 'special cream' or something?

Mederma cream is for scars. Also try Neosporin Scar Solutions, which is a little pad you place over the scar.  (+ info)

How can you tell if a keloid is forming?

I got a helix piercing a little over a month ago and I think it is infected. There's a tiny white bump near it. Is this going to become a keloid? Can you even get keloids on your ear cartilage? How can you get rid of keloids?

You cant really tell for sure until a few months later, but it cannot hurt to be too cautious. First you may try to go to your family Doctor but i recommend applying a silicone based gel on it( ask your doctor). IF you were to get keloids i can help you with the situation because I MYSELF have gone through Keloid treatment. Keloids are very resistant to treatment but in some cases it does work. If you seem to have any other questions about keloids please be sure to email me. Questions like how to get treatment and how to reduce them. This is my 4th year going through treatment and i do have alot of answers to your keloid problem. I hate people who do not help others its annoying, like those guys down there. Become my fan to communicate about keloids better. Good Luck!  (+ info)

What is the difference between a keloid and scarring?

I got my industrial done over two months ago, and I've had what looks like normal scarring for a while, but I'm not sure. How can you tell if it's just scarring or a keloid?

A keloid will extend well past the edges of the piercing, it will most likely be painful, itchy and smell. Normal scarring doesn't extend very far and looks much better. True keloids are extremely rare, unless you or someone in your family has ever keloided before, don't even worry about it.  (+ info)

What is the difference between a keloid and hypertrophic scarring?

I have a weird light pinkish bump directly beside my one month old nose piercing. Is it a keloid or hypertrophic scarring?
How do I treat it?
Whenever I wear earrings, they must be real gold. Could the material in the post be causing this?
PLEASE help..

Both hypertrophic scars and keloids are a result of the over growth in tissue during the healing process. Both can appear on the enter or exit points of the piercing. However, the main difference is hypertrophic scarring supposedly goes away over time while keloids are permanent and need to be professionally removed by a dermatologist or plastic surgeon. Also, hypertrophic scars do not extend past the wound hole while a keloid does.

People who are not prone to keloids will generally not get them from a piercing unless it is an extremely serious case. (I got a keloid from tearing open my helix piercing when it got caught on my comb as a teenager -- ouch!). You would probably known if you are prone to keloids if you have developed them before in minor cases, such as from picking a scab or from chicken pox.

Judging from your description of your bump, my guess would be that it was hypertropic scarring. They are usually pinkish in color (unlike keloids which are skin colored) and look like little volcanoes pushing out from the exit wound. There are many remedies used to heal hypertrophic scarring such as diluted tea tree oil (which even diluted can be harsh for some people, including myself) or chamomile tea compresses. I've recently developed hypertrophic scarring on my conch piercing and am using the chamomile tea compresses, although I can't give you the result as it has only been 2 days. Also, try not to move the jewelry around too much as movement can agitate the scarring.

As for your sensitivity to the material, I would say that is unrelated. All professional piercers use surgical stainless steal or titanium jewelry exclusively. They will not even use gold as it may contain impurities in the metal. Allergy to surgical stainless steel is rare, but it does happen. Signs of an allergic reaction would include severe itchiness and red or white dots around the area. Good luck!  (+ info)

How do I get rid of a keloid scar on a tragus piercing?

I got my tragus pierced a little over a month ago. Right beside the ring, there is a little bump that looks like a pimple, and I believe it is a keloid scar. What is the best way of getting rid of this? Thanks!

Those websites might help(L  (+ info)

How do you get rid of a keloid without surgery?

Developed a pretty big keloid on the back of my ear after removing an infected cartilage piercing. I've had it for a few months and it hasn't changed much, will it increase in size over time if not treated? Are there any other solutions other than surgical removal to possibly even downsize it?

Keloids respond poorly to therapy, but monthly injections of corticosteroids may flatten them somewhat. A doctor may try surgical or laser removal followed by corticosteroid injections, but new keloids often form in the scar resulting from the treatment. Some doctors have applied silicone patches to keloids and have had some success in flattening them. See your health care provider for consultation before any surgery. And good luck.  (+ info)

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